HAPPY 14th year anniversary to HOUSE OF WELLS!  14 years ago on the 8th of August 2008, we landed in South Africa to start the mission work – with lots of uncertainties ahead of us, BUT we knew that because GOD sent us, all will be well eventually.  We started with 7 children

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Orphans Profiles

An Orphan a. A child whose parents are dead. b. A child who has been deprived of parental care and has not been adopted. Often it is assumed that only children whose parents are dead qualify as orphans. However a closer study shows that there are two categories: true orphans and social

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Internship Program

H.O.W. Internship/Volunteer Missions Programme House of Wells, a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) registered in the United Kingdom (Reg no. 1133474) and in South Africa (074732 NPO) , exists to restore hope, dignity and release the potential of children and youth in Africa. House of Wells is a God-inspired mission touching the hearts and lives of

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Prayer Points for House of Wells PRAYING FOR House of Wells CHILDREN (1) Thank You, Father, that these children are a gift and a heritage from You. These children like arrows in the hand of warriors. It is a blessing to have the House of Wells Centres full of them;

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Our Ministry

Centre Activities: Nearly 2800 children are welcomed every week at 32 Centres across South Africa, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria & Malawi to partake in programs that involve help with homework, Bible study, songs & drama, games, art. The children are also blessed, as funds provide, with school shoes, clothes and

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2018 Christmas Party

Let’s start at the beginning. So imagine a life where you become a qualified lawyer, start a beautiful family with your wife (with her own successful job in finance)…serving together faithfully in prayer, marriage, homeless and prison outreach ministries. ·· But without warning, God opens your eyes to something you

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