HAPPY 14th year anniversary to HOUSE OF WELLS!  14 years ago on the 8th of August 2008, we landed in South Africa to start the mission work – with lots of uncertainties ahead of us, BUT we knew that because GOD sent us, all will be well eventually. 
We started with 7 children in 2008 and as at 8th August this year, 2,800 children in 32 Centres are benefitting from the work that House of Wells does across 6 nations – helping children and young people through education and feeding them (spiritually & physically) :-
**South Africa – 24 Enrichment Centres with 1900 children and young people
**Zimbabwe – 1 Enrichment Centre with 130 children and young people
**Uganda – 3 Enrichment Centres – 343 children and young people
**Kenya – 2 Enrichment Centres – 138 children and young people
**Nigeria – 1 Enrichment Centre – 185 children and young people. **Malawi 1 Enrichment Centre35 children

**15 of our teenagers are currently in university, 1 graduated in 2021 and another one will be finishing from university this year, 2022.  

**Many of the children that are benefitting from the weekly House of Wells’ extra tuition Classes are excelling in their education, with many more on track to do the same.  Every academic year end, at least one child from H.O.W will receive academic excellence award from their School, the School principals credit the H.O.W programme as a contributor to these achievements by the children.

**Our teenagers are embracing a life of purity through Christ, they are turning from gang culture and benefitting from crucial life orientation topics at H.O.W which set them on the right path to a wholesome, healthy and promising future.

**There are regular testimonials from teachers regarding improvements in younger kids’ reading abilities.

**Parents commend the H.O.W programme for the difference they can see in their children’s character & academics.

**In the last 14 years, many families have come to Christ through their children’s testimonies, many lives have been transformed and communities are seeing the hand of God progressively.  


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