Our Ministry

Centre Activities:

Nearly 2800 children are welcomed every week at 32 Centres across South Africa, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria & Malawi to partake in programs that involve help with homework, Bible study, songs & drama, games, art. The children are also blessed, as funds provide, with school shoes, clothes and a warm meal – for many, their only proper meal of the day. The sessions cater for children aged 5 to 18 years, with teenagers benefiting particularly from crucial life orientation topics which set them on the right path to a wholesome, healthy and abundant life.

The strategic programs offer hope, practical help and the skills necessary for an independent and productive life. Children previously destined for a cycle of poverty and hopelessness are being transformed and empowered to become fruitful citizens and effective witnesses in their community – future leaders who will positively impact their generation.
Other Activities:

Excursions to places of interest (e.g. the Airport, Beach picnics, the University Campus etc) – to broaden the horizons of children who often have never been outside the township, helping to motivate them to aspire beyond their usual surroundings.

Home visits by staff into the townships also provide the opportunity to connect with children and their parents or guardians on a more intimate level.

Grocery programme – we supply food & groceries to severely deprived children in our centres, as funds allow.

School needs – Payment of School fees, supply of uniforms, school shoes, stationeries etc to children whose families are not able to provide these.

Clothing – We supply clothes, occasionally, to children who we identify as desperately in need of these items.

Music Academy – We have set up opportunities for our young people to take part in music lessons – Guitars, Drum sets, Keyboards, Trumpets, etc

Sports Academy – The other platform through which we want to reach young people is sports, particularly football (soccer), table tennis, etc. The plan is to open a Sports Academy where the main pull for these young people would be sports activities, while at the same time teaching them the word of God.

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