2018 Christmas Party

Let’s start at the beginning. So imagine a life where you become a qualified lawyer, start a beautiful family with your wife (with her own successful job in finance)…serving together faithfully in prayer, marriage, homeless and prison outreach ministries.
But without warning, God opens your eyes to something you didn’t ask for. Several signposts from God, numerous dreams where He LITERALLY, AUDIBLY and without warning, points you to a township in Africa where He’s sending you. You finally google the notable city from these dreams, a place you had NEVER heard of. He confirms that you’ve had long enough to deliberate and it was time to GO. And there’s a date. (Did you think this was a negotiation?) // {Continued in the next post//
Can we help to support the Christmas initiative of the charity’s founders; who took the plunge and still walk this out by faith daily?

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