Quarterly Newsletter Q4 (October – December 2022)

House of Wells (H.O.W), a Non-Profit Organisation registered in South Africa & the UK exists to restore hope and dignity, and release the potential, of children and youth particularly orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children.  
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House of Wells Enrichment Centres
Quarterly Newsletter (October to December 2022)


Dear House of Wells PARTNERS, HAPPY 2023!  Thank you for supporting us to feed, clothe and educate over 2800 children in 2022.  Every victory and positive report about H.O.W children is interrelated to your partnership with H.O.W.  May you enjoy God’s limitless and abundant grace in 2023. 


House of Wells  QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER  –  October to December 2022
We give God praise that our children are being introduced to various teachings and programmes which empower them to become all that God has destined for them, and we thank all our partners for their loyal support that enables us to do what we do.  We thank God for the grace to serve HIS children and meet their needs in spite of the financial constraints that we experienced in 2022.
2022 Christmas Food Hampers
We want to express our ultimate gratitude to every individual, church, business and organisation that supported us in 2022, to provide food hampers for H.O.W children, during Christmas.  Since December 2008, we have been able to consistently give every child in H.O.W a food pack for Christmas, made possible by the unwavering dedication of our donors.  We pray that you will always experience the unfailing faithfulness of God and may the mercy and favour of God continually locate you, in Jesus’ name.   
2022 was a difficult and tough year to raise funds, therefore, we greatly appreciate the generosity and kindness of our donors this year more than ever before. We are grateful to God who made it possible for us to raise all the funds that we needed to provide every child with a hamper, especially in a year that many people had been impacted by the cost of living crisis.  
Every child and teenager in our Enrichment Centres in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria and Malawi received the food hampers in December 2022, with 2,800 packs given out in total. In South Africa, the children received their hampers in the first week of December.  Due to the vast number of children, the packs were given out over 6 days and in 18 Centres.  In Zimbabwe, Uganda and Malawi, the children received their hampers during the weekend of 9th and 10th of December.  H.O.W children in Nigeria and Kenya were given their food hampers on 2nd and 3rd of December.

Across the 6 countries, the content of the hampers included – Rice, Bread, Cereal, Baked Beans, Noodles, Crisps, Biscuits, soft drinks, among other food items.  It is always a humbling experience, each year, when we give the children the food packs.  The smiles on their faces and their excitement tell a remarkable story, and for some of them, it was their only Christmas gift.  
P.E. Christmas Hampers Video
P.E. photos

Cape Town Hampers Video
Cape Town photos

Uganda Hampers Video
Uganda photos

Kenya Hampers Video
Kenya photos

Nigeria Hampers Video
Nigeria photos

Zimbabwe Hampers Video
Zimbabwe photos

Malawi Hampers Video


TESTIMONIES and Parents’ Gratitude for the Christmas Hampers
Many parents expressed their gratitude for the food packs given to their children.  A lot of these parents do not have an income, therefore the food hampers were of immense help for them to feed their children at Christmas.
***Leandra L’s mother (P.E.; SOUTH AFRICA) wrote “Thank you very much H.O.W for the food parcels, as a family we appreciate it.  May God bless the missionary couple, they will never lack anything”. 

***“May Almighty God showers the House of Wells with blessings for the Christmas gifts they gave to our children, all the parents were very very happy” – Headteacher of Centre of Hope School (our Kibera CENTRE in Kenya)
***“Christmas gift well received, thank you! I am here to say Asante! House of Wells is such a blessing to our kids.” – a parent, Lenana, KENYA

***In UGANDA, several parents called and sent messages to express their gratitude to H.O.W for nurturing their children in the fear of God, and also for the food hampers. 

***In MALAWI, parents were incredibly grateful for the hampers, especially because three of the items in the hampers (Rice, Beans and Sugar) are very expensive in Malawi.  In addition to this, they were very thankful for the amazing impact that the lessons at H.O.W is having on their children, as they are becoming more compliant at home. 

Testimony from NIGERIA – 6 children who stopped attending our Centre have come back.  The children were prevented from coming to House of Wells few months ago by their grandmother who said she did not want them to associate with Christian doctrines.  Every effort by our Centre leader to bring the children back proved futile.  On the day we gave out the Hampers, our Centre leader felt led to take the children’s food packs to them at home.  She told the grandmother that the food packs were gifts from God for the children.  This act of kindness and show of love miraculously softened the grandmother’s heart, she has now allowed the children to return to H.O.W.  Glory to God.


Port Elizabeth; S.A– One of the highlights in Port Elizabeth is the remarkable changes that we have seen in five teenagers.  Kiana (15), Elthea (16), Alteniqua (16), Carin (14) and Teslyn (17), joined H.O.W in 2021 when we started to meet in local parks in Kleinskool Township, during the pandemic.  For many months after joining H.O.W, these teenagers continued with their unruly and disruptive behaviour, they had no respect for authority and were very defiant.    
Centre leaders continued to pray for them, showed them love and ensured that they take meals home from H.O.W daily, since their living conditions are dreadful, and their parents are unemployed.  
Our staff noticed a remarkable turnaround sometime in 2022, when they all accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour at House of Wells.  They later became members of a local Church and were baptised in December 2022.  The spiritual growth and outstanding behaviour that we have witnessed in their lives, and corroborated by their family, is absolutely tremendous.  We give God the praise.   


UGANDA – Our newly opened Centre in Mbogo is growing in leaps and bounds with 74 children currently attending.   As mentioned in our last Newsletter, Mbogo is traditionally a Muslim-dominated community, with key Muslim figures in the country originating from there.  Our programmes are held on school premises, and we believe that as we minister to the children, God will use them to be change agents and to bring revival to that community.  Average attendance for Lusaze, Busawula and Mbogo Centres, between October and December, was 120, 50 and 74 respectively.


KENYA – Some of the children that attend our Programme in CENTRE OF HOPE School in Kibera, sat for their national examinations during October and November.  We thank God for the extra tuition classes that these children have been receiving from H.O.W and we give HIM all the glory that they all passed their exams.  
Three teenagers who had been waiting for their eye treatment since September, finally had it done in December.  House of Wells was able to raise the 50,000.00 ksh (approx. £400) needed, in November.  Mercy, Robert and Keila have now completed their eye treatments and received their glasses


NIGERIA  We have 150 children regularly attending House of Wells Centre in Nigeria.  However, on the day the hampers were being given to the children, over 200 children showed up.  We had 160 food hampers available, and after all the children on our register received their hampers, our staff shared what was left among the newcomers.  The parents of the newcomers were very grateful that we did not send their children away, and they promised that the children will join H.O.W when our classes resume in January 2023.


MALAWI – Since House of Wells Malawi started in August, we noticed that some children come to our Centre from quite far.  Such is the case of two girls, Prisca (11) and Grace (8) who live very far from our Centre and walk there every week,   They have never missed a Class since we started.  They live in Chilobwe, which is 1-hour 30-mins walk to where we have our Enrichment Centre in Blantyre.  Our Centre leader has been helping them with transport fares, it now takes them 30 mins to get to our Centre by Bus.


ZIMBABWE – Activities such as sports, drama, games and quiz sessions that were recently introduced into the weekly meetings in H.O.W. Zimbabwe is proving to be quite effective.  Children’s self-confidence and their ability to speak coherently continue to improve due to their participation in the weekly quizzes and the way in which we engage them in bible-based life skills discussions.  In addition, we have noticed that these activities, especially Sports, have helped to entice more kids to join H.O.W.   
We currently have 146 children on our register, a 29% increase on previous quarter. 


                                            OUR PARTNERS
 On behalf of our Trustees, Staff and the children at our Enrichment Centres, we would like to express our gratitude to each and every one of you – every Individual, Organisation, Business and Church that partners with House of Wells (monthly or occasionally).  We appreciate your donations toward the children’s daily meals and monthly groceries, for the purchase of school uniforms, the tuition classes for our Teenagers, staff salaries, and our flight tickets to and from the Mission stations – THANK YOU!  May God bless and record your sacrifice and seeds sown into the lives of these children, in Jesus’ name.   Churches partnering with HOUSE OF WELLS:–  The Liberty Church London (UK);  JESUS HOUSE (UK); City Chapel London, The King’s Family Centre (TKFC) U.K,  OASIS OF LOVE (UK); PRAISE CHAPEL (UK); RCCG Living Water Parish (UK),  Trinity Chapel (UK),  RCCG Bethel Parish,  Chapel of Life (UK), Worship Tabernacle (UK), Charis Christian Centre (UK)Beacon Life ChurchKenya and HARVEST Christian Church, Port Elizabeth – we are grateful for your assistance and support in various ways. Organisations supporting HOUSE OF WELLS:– Rest Assured Property (UK);  LPS Estates (UK); VITAE London, Ambience Consult LTD (UK), Systemxnet Limited (UK)Vision Excel Ltd (UK), Panacom Ltd (UK), Precious Sight Foundation (UK); PARACH LTD – thank you so much for your consistent financial support, may God continue to bless your organisations / businesses.  

Many blessings,

Richard and Kemi  Oyin-Adeniji

House of Wells Enrichment Centres

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