H.O.W Uganda June Update

H.O.W Uganda –  It’s been 5 months since the launch of House of Wells Uganda in Lusaze, Kampala. The response from the parents sending their children to the program has been so amazing that having started with 30 young people at the first meeting; we now have about 90 young people that are regular attendees.  However, during the holidays, 100 or more children attend.  The kids in our junior group range from age 4 to 10 years old, while the senior class children are age 11 and above. We are very grateful for Mr. and Mrs. Matovu who joined the team and have already impacted these young people so much.
In Uganda, we are unable to meet with the children during the week as Schools finish quite late, so our programme runs only on Saturdays. We begin with prayer (usually one of the children volunteers to do this), after which we have praise and worship session led by the children themselves, followed by bible study, and after this lunch is served.  The children are always quite excited about the classes so much that some of them arrive 30-40 min before the start time.  They are learning how to open the Bible by themselves and how to search the scriptures, something that they’ve never done in their various churches. They are learning how to memorise scriptures and how to apply them in day-to-day life. Children are learning who they are in Christ and about their authority as believers.  Today these children do their own praise and worship sessions, and pray for their parents and communities!

One account of a parent stands out – their 8-year old son Brighton was notorious to the extent that he caused commotion during our classes but after a lot of patience with this young man, slowly we noticed amazing changes in his behaviour.  At first we thought probably this young man was trying just to fit in; but to our surprise, we received a report from his Mother that she also had noticed the same positive behaviour at home, and that he has totally changed! He is now very compliant and submissive at home and in our classes; offering to pray when the opportunity arises. 10 year old Owen is another example,  he used to be a very troublesome boy whose behaviour has now  totally improved as a result of him continuously receiving the Word of God and being prayed for at H.O.W Lusaze.  All the Glory to God!!

Many of the children come not knowing Christ and leave the Centre born-again.  Many parents wish we had more days with their children because of the positive changes they are seeing.  We believe that as God continues to bless us we will broaden our scope of reach out to children in other parts of Kampala.  Most of these children come from homes with severe hardship as most parents are unemployed and they’re in dire need of basics such as food, clothing and uniforms. 

We bless God for you the precious partners of H.O.W enrichment centres all around the world for your sacrificial giving and for the various support systems in place.  The Bible calls us to raise children in the way they should go, and that when they are old they will not depart from it – Prov. 22:6.  We believe God that the seed of the incorruptible Word of Truth coupled with prayer planted in these grounds (the children’s hearts) will bring forth fruit unto eternity by the grace of God.  These children’s testimonies including those of their parents are the fruit of your relentless efforts.  May the Almighty God be your rewarder and may these fruits be eternal to the Glory of Jesus.

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