Quarterly Newsletter Q4 (Oct – Dec 2019)

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House of Wells (H.O.W), a Non-Profit Organisation registered in South Africa & the UK exists to restore hope and dignity, and release the potential, of children and youth particularly orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children.  
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House of Wells Enrichment Centres
Quarterly Newsletter (Oct to Dec 2019)


Happy 2020 dear Partners!
We remain very grateful to you all, for your continuous support which enables us to do what we do.  May God bless you abundantly and continue to reward your labour of love.  Although 2019 was a challenging year for us at H.O.W, it was a remarkably fruitful one. God remained faithful to His work, as we continued to experience His mercy, divine provision, protection and guidance. We are also blessed with divine cohesion among our various teams which makes House of Wells staff members a solidly united family across Port Elizabeth (SA), Cape Town (SA), Kwekwe (Zimbabwe), Lusaze (Uganda) and Lenana, Nairobi (Kenya).  
2019 Christmas Parties 
2,055 House of Wells children received food hampers at the 2019 Christmas Parties, across the four nations where H.O.W exists.  In Port Elizabeth, the Teenagers' and U-13s parties were held on 30th November and 7th December respectively.  The House of Wells Cape Town Christmas Party took place on 4th December.  Our Zimbabwe party was on 7th December, with the Ugandan kids receiving their hampers on 14 December; we rounded off H.O.W party season in Kenya with the kids’ celebration and food hampers on 22nd December.  Across the 4 countries, the content of the hampers given to the children included:Rice, Bread, Cereal, Baked Beans, Noodles and other items such as crisps, biscuits, and drinks. We disciple the children with the word of God and attend to their physical needs (material, feeding, medical and educational) all year round; the end-of-year party and the food hampers they take home are merely the cherry on the cake! It was such a wonderful atmosphere to see the children receiving their Christmas hampers.  For some, this was their only Christmas gift in 2019.  

We are particularly grateful to the following churches, organisations and the three individuals in the U.K., each of which donated food hampers for at least 100 children - The Liberty Church LondonRCCG Bethel, Oasis of Love Christian Centre, LPS Estate and Rest Assured Property.  

TO EVERYONE WHO DONATED - Thank you for being a blessing to over 1350 children and Youth in PE, 300 children in Cape Town, 150 in Zimbabwe, 135 in Uganda and 120 in Kenya. As you ensured that these children's prayers were answered during 2019 Christmas, may God answer your prayers also.  You have been generous to the hungry, you have shown mercy to the poor, fought the cause of the needy, helped to loosen their burden and brought joy to less fortunate children. We pray that the promises of God will be fulfilled in your lives in Jesus' name.  God will open doors for you where there are seemingly none, HE will guide you always, provide for your every need and strengthen your frame, in Jesus' name. Thanks again!  God bless you exceedingly! 

Links to more photos and videos of the christmas party and food hampers:
Photos  P.E. Christmas PartyVideo of PE Christmas Party
Photos - Zimbabwe Christmas PartyPhotos - Uganda Christmas PartyPhotos - Kenya Christmas Party

Two  H.O.W  TEENAGERS  passed their Matric exams  -  We are indeed very grateful to God for our Teenagers in Port Elizabeth who passed their Matric (end of High School) exams in December 2019.  Asiphile Mazomba and Anita Mgumbi’s excellent results qualify them for admission to a Bachelor's degree or Diploma at University. Through the generous donations of our partners, House of Wells has supported these teenagers and we thank God that all our efforts in supporting them in their academics have come to fruition. We would like to support many more of our children at H.O.W in their academics, funds permitting, thank you for your continous donations.  House of Wells is not only about salvation of souls for Heaven, we are also positively impacting the quality of their lives and future here on earth.

TKFC's  VISIT  -  In October, we had the privilege of welcoming 10 members of The King's Family Centre  (one of the U.K. Churches that support House of Wells), led by Pastors Anthony and Sally Ashaye.  Also visiting with theTKFC mission team were two Pastors representing Faith Ministries International, Pastor Abel Malate from Zimbabwe and Pastor Munatsi Sande from South Africa.

In Port Elizabeth, the TKFC Team blessed all our children in each Centre with goodie bags, and 300 kids received new School shoes. It felt like Christmas had come early for our children.  In Cape Town, Pastor Ashaye gave 100 children in our Imbasa Centre goodie bags, and 40 children received School shoes. We pray that God will bless and mightily reward everyone who donated to this initiative and had a part in blessing H.O.W children.  May their homes, family and the works of their hands be blessed in Jesus' name.
Pastors Richard and Kemi met daily with the team of 12 visitors for prayers and soaking in God’s presence, before heading out to the various House of Wells Enrichment Centres in the Townships of Port Elizabeth.  The experience for everyone was different, however the unanimous feedback was that of a profound and indelible spiritual impact, particularly when the visitors saw the House of Wells children as they worship and pray.  Seeing where the children live as we went for home visits was also quite touching for the visitors.  We always tell prospective mission teams that they will have a powerful time in God’s presence as they visit our Centres.  We encourage Churches to send their members on Mission trips to House of Wells.


                                 CENTRE  NEWS OCT-DEC 2019
CENTRES  IN PORT ELIZABETH; S.A  - 12 Centres, 1350 children and Youth 
In our Bloemendale Centre (Habelgaarn School), it was the children who are part of House of Wells that received majority of the End-of-Year academic excellence awards.  Jazwin Mathews was 2019 Student of the Year in his School and has been nominated for Scholarship to attend a top performing High School next year.

In one of our New Brighton centres, we have started receiving a greater level of  support from teachers at the School, as well as from parents.  We believe it may be because of  the astounding miracles and changes that they have seen in the lives of  specific children in the School since those children joined H.O.W.  Teachers in this School personally invite and encourage children to attend our Programmes and they also make announcements during morning assembly reminding the children to come to H.O.W.  Parents whose children do not attend that School but heard about our Programme have also started to bring their children to H.O.W every afternoon.

CENTRES  IN CAPE TOWN; S.A - 3 Centres, 300 children and Youth
The number of children attending our House of Wells Centre in John Pama, in Nyanga continues to increase.  The School has therefore given us permission to use its Library as an additional venue. We thank God that our presence in this School is yielding fruit in children's lives and in the Community, resulting in H.O.W finding favour with the School, even before we request anything.  We also thank God for dedicated staff members in Cape Town who are committed to the vision of House of Wells, and work tirelessly in our Centres and in the Community.

CENTRES  IN ZIMBABWE - 2 Centres, 150 children and Youth
In Zimbabwe, we run our programmes in two Centres in Mbizo, Kwekwe, with just under 150 children and teenagers regularly attending.  We began the month of October with prayers for all of our children who were sitting for their end-of-year exams. We organised revision classes for all children who sat for their final Primary School exams in October. To the glory of God they all did well and have moved on to High School.   Nicole Vimbe and Nicole Chiweshe received the highest grades in the exams. Tutorial Classes also ran for five H.O.W teenagers prior to their O' Level exams. House of Wells teenagers who are currently at University helped with these lessons. In November, we visited a poor community in Zhombe, approximately 70KM from Kwekwe.  After seeing the work that H.O.W is doing in Kwekwe, a Pharmacist who grew up in Zhombe volunteered to accompany us,in order to be a blessing to the children there. Around 200 children turned up on the day.  We studied the Bible, had praise and worship and blessed the children with food and clothes. 
CENTRES  IN UGANDA -  1 Centre, 135 children and Youth
God's faithfulness was apparent in H.O.W Lusaze in the last quarter of 2019, God did amazing miracles in the lives of the children and His grace was upon them.  15 years old Vanessah testified; "I thank God for giving me a new life through H.O.W and for giving me hope.  I also thank Almighty Lord for choosing me to be part of H.O.W".  We greatly bless God for the H.O.W Christmas party 2019 where the children were treated to a sumptuous meal and over 135 children were blessed with big food hampers. Vanessah sent this prayer with gratitude to God for Pastors Kemi and Richard; “God, let their bags be full of money, let it not be empty, amen".  

CENTRES  IN KENYA - 1 Centre, 120 children and Youth
This quarter, we introduced Movie sessions into the Programme for our children and Youth in Kenya. The children have very much enjoyed and have been greatly blessed by the message of each film. The younger kids have seen animated movies like Noah’s Ark, and other popular Bible stories; while our teenagers have seen "God’s Not Dead 2",  "I’m Not Ashamed" and "To save a Life".  EveryThursday, our teenagers join us to help the younger kids with their reading.  On Saturdays, we meet with the younger children in the morning and teenagers in the afternoon.  The number of children attending the Saturday programme has increased massively this quarter, and as a result there is an urgent need to increase the supply of food.

On 23rd November, Pastor Richard visited House of Wells Kenya along with Pastor Anthony from The King's Family Centre (UK). They attended all three Saturday sessions and later visited some families whose children attend House of Wells.  In one of the homes visited, three children who attend House of Wells were instrumental in bringing their mother to church where she gave her life to Christ and is now serving at her Church.  It was encouraging to hear that House of Wells children are taking the gospel back home, resulting in the salvation of their family members.  In another home, the mother of the two young people that attend House of Wells gave her life to Jesus after the good news was shared with her during the visit.


We are grateful for the collaboration between House of Wells and Beacon Life Church, Nairobi.  We use their facilities for our Programmes. The leaders, Pastors Desire & Lucy together with the members of the Church give practical and financial assistance.   The H.O.W Centre coordinator, Elga, is very dedicated and committed to the H.O.W vision and she is doing an amazing work with the children in the Lenana community since the inception of House of Wells Kenya in 2018.

House of Wells TEENS -  It has been truly amazing to see remarkable transformation in our teenagers in 2019.  We have watched them grow spiritually as they come to the Centres in their numbers to hear God's word and to be taught the principles of living a fulfilled life.  We are thankful that they also did very well in their academics in 2019 - Kiara Peacock scooped 5 Academic Excellence Awards, while Shanice Maree received 5 Awards including Grade 10 Outstanding Achiever.

TESTIMONIES  -  One of our lessons this quarter was on Thankfulness.  The scripture reference was psalm 136 where thankfulness is expressed by the psalmist in different ways.  At the end of the Class, we asked the children to write a "THANK YOU LETTER" to God.  Some of the things they wrote were astounding.
(1) Angelica Samuels, 12, wrote - "I just want to say thank you to You Jesus. When I asked You to give my mom and dad work, You answered.  Jesus You heard my voice. Thank you."
(2) Keenya Williams, 11 - "Thank you Lord for healing my Grandmother.  I thank you so much for all you have given me and my family."
(3) Kayla Olifant, 14 - "Hello Jesus, thank you for the blessings You have sent to me and for healing me. Thank you for giving my father work."
(4) Charmelle Caesar, 13 - "Hello Jesus, thank you for my new school shoes. Thank you for healing my Dad.  And for the job for my Grandmother."
(5) Lee Amy Jordan, 13 - "Thank you Jesus for the order you bring in my life. Thank you for the new School shoes I was blessed with at H.O.W.  Thank you for my Mom,  my family. Thank you for the lessons I receive at H.O.W that bring me closer to you every day. Thank you that I can love you, and thank you for loving me and dying for me. Thank you Lord for House of Wells".
(6) Unathi, 13 - "Thank You Father, I called upon Your Name for help in my School work and You answered, I received an award for my School work, I thank You. You were with me, leading me at school, guiding me. I asked that You will be with me, that my dreams will come true, and You answered, thank You Jesus. I thank You for H.O.W.  I ask that You will hide me under Your shadow God.  Thank you that you kept me safe from accidents.  I thank You for dying for my sins."
(7) Ntombovuyo Nkita, 16 - "Father I thank You for this day. You showed me that You are my God by making it possible for me to receive an award because I did very well in many subjects,  thank You Father.  I know you are doing these things because I serve You and You are still going to do more things for me.  Thank you Father."

Our PARTNERS......
Churches partnering with HOUSE OF WELLS:-  The Liberty Church London (UK); City Chapel London, The King's Family Centre (TKFC) U.K, RCCG Living Water Parish (UK), Trinity Chapel (UK), RCCG Bethel Parish and HARVEST Christian Church, Port Elizabeth - we are grateful for your assistance and support in various ways. 
Organisations supporting HOUSE OF WELLS:- Rest Assured Property (UK);  LPS Estates (UK);  ShopFit Group (SA), Community Chest (SA), VITAE London, Ambience Consult LTD (UK), Systemxnet Limited (UK), Vision Excel Ltd (UK) and Panacom Ltd (UK) thank you so much for your consistent financial support, may God continue to bless your businesses. 
On behalf of our Trustees, Staff and the children at our Enrichment Centres, we would like to express our gratitude to every Individual, Organisation, Business and Church that partner with House of Wells
 (monthly/regularly) to enable us to carry out all our activities as a ministry.  We appreciate  every individual/church/organisation that send donations for staff salaries; partners who send money specifically for bread and soup; for the purchase of school uniforms; groceries for families; partners who pay for extra tuition classes for our Teenagers; those paying for our flight tickets to and from the Mission stations - THANK  YOU!  May heaven bless and record your sacrifices and seeds sown into the lives of these children, in Jesus' powerful name.  

Richard and Kemi  Oyin-Adeniji

House of Wells Enrichment Centres

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