Quarterly Newsletter Q4 (Oct -Dec 2017)

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House of Wells (H.O.W), a Non-Profit Organisation registered in South Africa & the UK exists to restore hope and dignity, and release the potential, of children and youth particularly orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children.  
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House of Wells Enrichment Centres
Quarterly Newsletter (October - December 2017)


Happy 2018 dear Partners!
It was a very challenging but exceptionally fruitful 2017! God remained faithful to His work! For the last 9 and half years that we've been on the mission field, we have continuously experienced God's mercy, divine provision, protection and guidance.  We are grateful for the astounding co-labourers that work with us in House of Wells.  They are dedicated and anointed people who are passionate about children.  We are also blessed with a divine cohesion among our different teams which makes House of Wells staff members a solidly united family across Port Elizabeth (SA), Cape Town (SA) and Kwekwe (Zimbabwe).  To God alone be the glory.

2017 Christmas Parties 
In Port Elizabeth, the Teenagers' party was held on 25th November 2017 and the U-13s party was on 2nd December.   House of Wells Cape Town Christmas Party was on 7th December and in Zimbabwe it was held on 14th December.  Across the 2 countries the contents of the hampers we gave to the children included:- rice, bread, cereal, baked beans, Noodles and other items such as crisps, biscuits, drinks, toys, stationery (mathematical sets, notebooks) etc.

Parents couldn't thank us enough when they came to the drop off points to pick up their kids after the party.  A very BIG thank you to everyone who donated towards the 1700 food hampers for our children.  We disciple these children through the word of God and attend to their physical needs (material, feeding, medical and educational needs) all year round, hence this end-of-year party and the food hampers they take home are just the cherry on the cake.  

We are especially grateful to the following churches in the U.K., each of which donated food hampers for at least 100 children - 
The Liberty Church LondonRCCG Living Water Parish in WimbledonCharis Christian Centre LondonTrinity Chapel London and RCCG Bethel London.    
It was such a wonderful atmosphere to see the children receiving the Christmas hampers.   For some it was the only Christmas gift they received.  
TO EVERYONE WHO DONATED - Thank you for being a blessing to 1300 children and Youth in PE, 300 children in Cape Town and over 100 in Zimbabwe.  As you ensured that these children's prayers were answered during Christmas, may God answer your prayers also.  You've been generous to the hungry, you have shown mercy to the poor, fought the cause of the needy, helped to loosen their burden and brought joy to less fortunate children, we pray that the promises of God will be fulfilled in your lives in Jesus' name.  God will open doors for you where there are seemingly none, HE will guide you always, provide for your every need and strengthen your frame, in Jesus' name. Thanks again!  God bless you exceedingly! 

Links to the rest of the CHRISTMAS PARTY PHOTOS & VIDEOS posted on our Website and Facebook:- 
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               CENTRE UPDATE OCT-DEC 2017
House of Wells Port Elizabeth  - The months of October & November were dedicated to prayer at all our centres - the children were taught what the Bible says about prayer and we spent time in prayer at every centre.  The reaction of our Grade R kids when they learnt that God listens to everyone's prayer, even the prayer of a child, was amazing.  We encouraged the children in all centres to call on the Name of the Lord for whatever they need, for their families, their schools and community.  Many of the kids came back with great testimonies.  House of Wells children believe in the power of prayer and progressively we are seeing how fervently they can pray.  It's a blessing to teach the children the word of God, they listen attentively and grasp every word.  We are also blessed to work with the school teachers, they engage with House of Wells and what God is doing in the lives of the children.   The last week of term was used to review all that we taught the children throughout 2017, their response during the Question & Answer sessions was excellent.  It was good to see that they have learnt a lot and have grown spiritually.  In all of the centres the children thanked us for all that House of Wells has taught them and did for them in 2017.  In some centres, parents came to the last session of the year to express their appreciation.

House of Wells Cape Town  -  One of our children in Imbasa Centre, reflected on how she applied what she learns at H.O.W and the outcome.  She said "truly God exists and HE does love me, because my Mum has stopped drinking and shouting at us.  God definitely answers prayers!". 
We have started a Book Club, where the children read Christian books and literature.  We believe that this will help them grow spiritually as well as improve their grammar and vocabulary.  They've read books like Battlefield of the mind, Whitney's kiss etc.  
SPAR Cape Town, are still fulfilling their commitment of R500 food vouchers for House of Wells kids.  
We have been approached by a lady who heard about House of Wells from one of our volunteers and she wants us to start a new Centre in her area.  She said she has already recruited 40 kids and waiting for us to start.   
Music and football training are being planned for the kids, we are hoping to start in early 2018.

House of Wells Zimbabwe   -  H.O.W Zim is growing from strength to strength.  We now have 2 centres with about 120 children on our register, 90% of which are regular attendees every Friday night (for teenagers) and on Saturday mornings (for younger kids). 
Our regular career guidance lessons ("Vision For The Future") have been helpful to our Youth in choosing what they want to embark on when they leave High School.
We continue to see great improvement in the younger children's reading ability.  Our teenagers are quite talented in drama and music, their public speaking and presentation skills are also getting better.

**One day at our Habelgaarn Centre during prayer time, a young girl called Angel suddenly started to pray louder for her mother.  7-year-old Angel's mother was admitted to hospital.  The Centre Leader, Wendy then asked all the children to surround Angel and her sister Kyle and pray for their mother.  Few days later the Mum was better and was discharged.  She came to speak to Wendy and said she felt something happened to her in the hospital on the day the children were praying for her at H.O.W.  

**Keesha (9 years old) was crying during worship, when the Centre Leader asked what was wrong, she said her 3 year old sister regularly suffers from epilepsy.  The children prayed for Keesha's sister and the Leader told her when she gets home to lay her hands on her sister and pray.  The following day the mum sent Keesha's older sister to H.O.W to thank us for the prayers.  She said she believes her baby has been touched by the Holy Spirit and that her healing will be permanent.  We pray that Matt 15:28 will come to pass in that family according to the mum's faith - "O woman," Jesus answered, "your faith is great! Let it be done for you as you desire. And her daughter was healed from that very hour".

**One of the teachers at the Primary School we use, came to thank us for teaching her pupils about Jesus and about the power of prayer.  This is because one day the kids in her class brought her to H.O.W and asked all the children to pray for healing from arthritis.  She said she was powerfully touched by God during the prayer and wanted to come and testify of the improvement in her health two months after the prayer.

** At H.O.W centres there are more girls than boys attending, but in 2017 we have seen more boys being added to us at certain centres due to the transformation in the lives of the boys who are already part of HOUSE OF WELLS.  For example, 12 yr old Ophola  continues to be a mouthpiece for God in his School and at home.  He speaks up for change in his School, suggests /volunteers for various community activities and discuss the lessons he learns at H.O.W when he gets home, thereby impacting his community and home positively.  Jeremiah 1:7-10 is working in his life.  His turnaround astounds even his school teachers and family, they can't stop thanking God for him.  Alutho is another example, not only did he use to miss school a lot 2 years ago, he also used to attend House of Wells only sporadically.  In 2017, his School teachers saw a great change and he also never missed any sessions at H.O.W.  He became fully involved at H.O.W in 2017, participated in bible study discussions and always volunteers to pray at the end of our classes.  Only GOD can bring such a change in a person's life.  Similarly, GOD did an awesome work in the life of 11-year-old Sesethu. Through him, 9 boys joined our JK Zondi Centre in 2017.  We give God glory for everything He has done this year in the lives of HIS children in H.O.W.  

AWARDS  We are so proud of these H.O.W. children who received several awards & trophies at their School's Awards Presentation Evening in Nov 2017. 

House of Wells Teens  -  At our last meeting for the year 2017, it was wonderful to hear our teenagers speak about what they've learnt this term and how they benefit from crucial life orientation topics covered at H.O.W classes, which helps to set them on the right path to a wholesome, healthy and promising future. It is a great privilege to see these improvements in our young people at House of Wells.  They genuinely want to live a life of purpose.   Increasingly, we are seeing that they're opening up and are free to discuss any issues with us due to the level of trust that has been built over the last 9 years.  Recently, 3 of them came to us needing encouragement.  Ntombikayise lives with her Dad and younger siblings, and is finding it difficult and tiring to juggle having to be the "mom" to her siblings and also concentrate on her school work.   Nkosikhona who has lived with his grandmother since his mom passed away 8 years ago, is very worried about what would happen to him and his brother because their grandmother has cancer and very sick.  Anelisa's mom passed away recently as a result of domestic violence and she asked if we can come and pray with her and her siblings before her mom's family takes them away from their step-father, to live with her late mom's Aunt in another City.  She is devastated about her mum's death and also because she would no longer be able to attend H.O.W lessons.  We trust that the seed of the word of God that has been deposited in Anelisa will continue to bear fruits in her life and she will continue to be an ambassador for Jesus all her life.  H.O.W has promised to be in contact with her.

House of Wells is not only about the salvation of souls, we are also impacting the quality of our children's lives here on earth. This year, many of our teenagers received support at our Tuition Centres where subjects like Maths, Accounting and Sciences are being taught.  They are benefiting from one-to-one academic attention and personalised lesson plans that specifically address their weaker subject areas.  We are especially grateful to God that 4 of them passed their Matric (GCSE) exams in 2017.

                   Our STAFF share their Stories....
Bongi  I am one of the leaders at Walmer House of Wells.   I joined H.O.W 4 years ago and it has been a life changing experience for me.  It all started in 2014 when Sister Thozama (the Centre Coordinator at Walmer House of Wells) asked me to assist her in taking the soup for the children to Walmer Centre.  I told myself "I’m not going to stay I will just put the pot down and go home".  Inside the classroom I saw this beautiful young children worshipping God, all eyes closed and hands raised, some children were on their knees with tears in their eyes worshipping the Lord in a way I've never seen before I was in awe of God, tears running down my cheeks.  I became part of H.O.W that day and it's been a privilege to serve in this ministry since.  Although my heart wanted to be involved in Kingdom work, I was not ready for ministry when I joined HOW, but God touched me and equipped me for ministry through House of Wells.
I'm in charge of H.O.W Football Team in Walmer.  Every Tuesday when I take the boys to the field to play soccer, I give each team scriptures to learn and memorise, we will then have a group discussion about those scriptures and a memory verse competition during half time. This way they get to learn the word of God even while having fun.   Through these bible discussions they learn to speak to each other appropriately, to be honourable and treat each other with respect.   During our quarterly home visits, many of the children's family members have come to know CHRIST as their LORD and Saviour and some have received healing.  I'm grateful to Sis Thozama for introducing me to House of Wells, and I thank Pastor Richard & Pastor Kemi Oyin-Adeniji for giving me the opportunity.

Thulisa  -  I started working in Walmer Centre in 2015 and it has been a humbling experience for me.  I came needing God and direction and I found it.  God has been moulding me into what HE wants and I've also come to know who I am in HIM.  Having gone through an unpleasant childhood experience similar to what some of the children at H.O.W have experienced, I am able, through the help of God, to counsel the children appropriately.  
I have seen the lives of the children in our Centres transformed, many children and families coming to know Christ and the sick being healed.  We prayed for the mother of one of the H.O.W kids who was diagnosed with kidney failure and was bed-ridden, now she is healed and able to go out and about.  At House of Wells you cannot but grow spiritually because as we teach the children we also learn from the Word of God.  John 4:16 ‘’whoever drink this water will never get thirsty again’’; these children have become the Wells themselves.  I’ve learned that when we give ourselves to God and serve others, God becomes busy with the things that concern us too.  I lost my cousin this year but serving & loving these children brought me healing and comfort.  I’ve also learned that success is not measured by the things you have, but by the lives you have changed.

Charmaine -  I've been working at H.O.W Kleinskool Centre for 2 years now.  I really don't see it as work but that I am serving.  These 2 years have been life changing for me and have had a huge influence on my life.  The lessons that are presented to the children make a big difference in their lives and they learn something new each time, which will be beneficial to them throughout their entire life.  It has been interesting to see how the children have become convinced of the promises of God, they'll ask for prayer for their families and come back to testify that God answered the prayer.  The highlight of my experience is our quarterly home visits, the parents are eager to welcome us into their homes and can't wait to show their appreciation.  They tell us of the wonderful transformation in their kids' lives and that they appreciate everything H.O.W is doing for their kids, especially the food they take home, and the school uniforms and school shoes that we give them.  One parent said there was a time they had nothing to eat and that same afternoon her 2 children came home with 2 bags of groceries which they got from H.O.W.

Wendy   I started as a House of Wells teacher in Kleinskool in 2010 and served there for 3 years.  The Kleinskool centre grew from strength to strength, as the number of children attending kept increasing. 75% of Kleinskool pupils regularly attend H.O.W lessons.  In 2013 I was moved to Habelgaarn School to lead the H.O.W team there.  I started with about 40 pupils and there are now about 170 children, including teenagers, who regularly attend.  The children who attend H.O.W classes are very committed, they pray fervently and also pray in tongues. 
A report came from the home of one of the twins at my centre,  Shanay and Shanice Maree - sometime ago their visiting Aunt asked one of them to pray at the meal table, after the prayer the Aunt asked who taught them how to pray like that, they answered that it was at H.O.W.  The headmaster of Habelgaarn School encourages parents to let their children attend H.O.W lessons.  He even goes as far as including it in the School Bulletins sent to parents.  The H.O.W banner, and in essence Christ's banner, is flying high at Habelgaarn and in the Bloemendal community.  I am so glad to be associated with H.O.W, my Jesus family.

Denise  -  I started working at House of Wells in 2014, at Habelgaarn Centre in Bloemendal Township.  It is a privilege and an honour to serve the children in this capacity.  Every day God sends more children to the H.O.W programmes.  They learn a lot of scriptures from the lessons we present, they memorise them, and we also do drama in every lesson, which helps them to remember and relate.  The drama time is always an exciting and enjoyable moment for the children.  We teach them how to pray and how to love the Lord their God and their neighbours. They come back often with good reports and testimonies of how God answered their prayers or those of family members.  House of Wells makes a big difference in the schools we use for our centres and in the lives of the children who attend our programme.  On my street, people really appreciate and respect me for the work that I do on behalf of H.O.W.  In my church, my leaders give me more and more responsibility as my spiritual growth is becoming more apparent as I serve in H.O.W  It is my third year at H.O.W and many things have improved in my life from the day I started at H.O.W.  Thanks Pastor Richard and Pastor Kemi, we love you.

PRAYER REQUEST - Incidents of violent robberies and gun crime in various townships were particularly endemic in the second half of 2017.  As such, we covet your prayers for the situations to be quelled by the hand of God, for protection over our centre leaders and all the children in the centres.  At one of our centres in New Brighton (Ben Sinuka), the school authority has put alarm systems all around the school which is activated immediately at the end of School day.  They therefore want no one on the School premises after School, hence House of Wells programmes can no longer hold at this School.  Please join us to pray!

Our eternal gratitude goes to every individual, organisation, business or church partnering with House of Wells.
Churches partnering with HOUSE OF WELLS:- City Chapel London, The King's Family Centre (TKFC) U.K, RCCG Living Water Parish (UK), Trinity Chapel (UK), The Liberty Church (UK), RCCG Bethel Parish and HARVEST Christian Church, Port Elizabeth - we are grateful for your assistance and support in various ways.
Organisations supporting HOUSE OF WELLS:- ShopFit Group (SA), Community Chest (SA), LPS Estates (UK), Systemxnet Limited (UK), Vision Excel Ltd (UK) and Ambience Consult Ltd (UK)  - thank you so very much for your consistent financial support.

May heaven bless and record your sacrifices and seeds sown into these children's lives, in Jesus' powerful name.  May the windows of Heaven stay open over you, and may our Abba Father continue to bless you all, make HIS face shine upon you and be gracious unto you.

Richard and Kemi Oyin-Adeniji
(House of Wells Southern Africa
www.houseofwells.org )

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