Quarterly Newsletter Q3 (July – September 2020)

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House of Wells (H.O.W), a Non-Profit Organisation registered in South Africa & the UK exists to restore hope and dignity, and release the potential, of children and youth particularly orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children.  
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House of Wells Enrichment Centres
Quarterly Newsletter (July to September 2020)


Dear Partners, THANK YOU for your regular support, generous donations and prayers for the children at HOUSE OF WELLS, which constantly stand before God. You are not only blessing children with your contributions, but nations; because each child goes home and blesses his/her family.  Thank you for partnering with us, as we plant the seeds, you are watering them and God brings the increase and growth in the lives of the children.  May God richly bless you and yours.

                         House of Wells 12th Anniversary

In August, we celebrated 12 years since House of Wells was founded in South Africa. In 2008, we started with just seven children who we called off the street and ministered to at a Community  Centre in New Brighton, Port Elizabeth, South Africa.  Today, we have 19 After-School Enrichment Centres - 15 of these  in South Africa, two in Zimbabwe, one in Uganda  and one in Kenya.  In total, 2187 children & youth are benefiting from the work that House of Wells is doing in those four countries.  Our heartfelt gratitude goes to the individuals, Companies and Churches that have supported us since 2008, we greatly appreciate you all.

House of Wells have had a verifiable track record and a trail of testimonies of successfully executed projects over the past 12 years.  So many children have attended the H.O.W Programmes and Tuition Centres over that time period. Some are now older and have moved on, but their lives were touched in one way or another and we are confident that none of them left the same way they came.  Some children joined H.O.W when they were in Primary School and we had the privilege of seeing them through to High School, and some of them, to University level. We have made a credible and tangible impact in the lives of so many children over the years:

  • Numerous parents commend the H.O.W programme for the difference they can see in their children’s character & academics.

  • The teenagers that attend H.O.W gain from crucial life orientation topics that set them on the right path to a wholesome, healthy and promising future.

  • Many teenagers have benefited from the extra Tuition Classes that H.O.W provides and have excelled in their education. So far, six H.O.W teenagers have gained admission into University in South Africa and three in Zimbabwe.

                     2020 Children's Christmas Food  Hampers
As you are aware, every year since 2008, we organise Christmas party for the children at our Enrichment Centres where we give them a food pack each to take home and eat over the Christmas season.  Although there will be no party this year, it is very crucial that the children still receive these food hampers because this year more than ever before, the effect of the Coronavirus pandemic has meant that the condition of these children is now extremely dire

So far, we have managed to raise funds for 300 Food Hampers out of the 2187 Hampers that we need for all House of Wells children in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Uganda & Kenya.

The children would be receiving the FOOD HAMPERS from Mon 30th Nov - Fri 4th Dec 2020.  The wholesalers that supplies the food items for the hampers require us to place the orders and pay by 16th of Nov, due to the large quantity of items that they need to supply us.

PLEASE donate £5 or R100 towards each hamper, and kindly consider sponsoring as many children as you possibly can.  Please spread the word among your family and friends.  We would appreciate your support to bring the Christmas joy to these children again this year.
U.K HSBC Bank, account name - House of Wells Ltd, account no - 31817353, sort code - 400906.  

SOUTH AFRICA -  Standard Bank (Walmer Park), account name - House of Wells Trust, account no - 201497581, branch code - 024310.  
Please use "XMAS + your SURNAME" as ref

YOU CAN ALSO DONATE via PAYPAL on our website - www.houseofwells.org/DONATION or use the link paypal.me/houseofwellsAfrica.  Ref: Your surname, Xmas Packs.


            H.O.W QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER - July to Sept 2020

Every day of this quarter was a blessing and we experienced God's mighty hand in the lives of H.O.W children and their familiesWe thank God for the lives of thousands of people that were saved, restored and delivered by the grace of God, as a result of holding our programmes in open spaces.  In South Africa, lockdown restrictions were relaxed to Level 2 in August and Schools re-opened, albeit with staggered opening/closing times, and different grades attending school on specific days. The venues and times for our programme in certain Townships, were therefore amended to accommodate this.


H.O.W. CENTRES IN SOUTH AFRICA: The month of August was cold, wet and windy but that did not stop the kids from attending House of Wells Centres. We continue to use fields and other open spaces that are large enough for the children to spread out and maintain social distancing, we also have other necessary precautions in place. A House of Wells Leader checks the children in, ensures that they sanitise their hands as they arrive and that they are stood/seated at least 2 meters apart, from the next child. More and more children now attend wearing masks. We also squeeze in time, just before closing, to remind the children of important information about Covid-19, and encourage them to continue to take necessary precautions while at home and outside.

The Lesson of the Day is introduced in the most simple and enjoyable way for the children to grasp. We make our lessons interactive, involving the children in the various actions used to emphasise the message. The downside of holding our Programme in open spaces, has been that the children are easily distracted by people passing by. We therefore have to make sure that we do all that we can to fully engage them for the short time that we have with them. We pray for the children, using the scriptures that we teach in the lessons, as this teaches them how to pray when they are on their own. Prayer time in our Centres sounds like a loud song the way the voices of the kids arise to God and even passers-by stop to watch.

We give them homework which, for the younger children, involves the help of parents, and so deliberately involves those that they live with. The children are always excited and keen to answer questions when they attend the next Class, which is a sign that they listened well at the previous Class and that they did their homework.

Some parents bring their children and eventually stay for the entire lesson; they tell us that this is because they enjoy what we teach the children and want to be blessed too; communities are changing due to the House of Wells Programme! Praise God! We thank God that during this quarter we were able to provide lunch for every child in our Centres. Some Centres have in excess of 200 children attending daily, but no child went home without lunch.

LESSONS: This Quarter, we taught the children a series of lessons themed "TALENT ENHANCERS" and one of our lessons in the series was "Believing in God".  Our first character was David and we discussed how his faith in God helped him to conquer Goliath. We taught the children that by believing in God we can overcome giants like the current epidemic, which the whole world is facing. "Passion" was another lesson and David was, again, our example. We discussed how passionate David was in everything he did, and we encouraged the children to go home and ask God to show them where their passions lay. They came back with amazing feedback–with some responding that they wanted to be passionate in Sport, their Schoolwork, in serving God, and reading the Bible.

Noah was the character we studied, for the lesson titled "Focus". We encouraged the children that just like Noah had to remain focused to be able to finish building the Ark, they too must be focused, determined and never give up in order to be successful in their schoolwork or anything they committed to do. They must also be teachable in order to achieve their purpose and become the best in their chosen field.


**We thank God for a 19 year-old who gave his life to Jesus in our Kleinskool Centre in September. His family believes in witchcraft but he said he knew deep down in his heart that it is wrong and had always wanted to be free from it. There was a bracelet on his ankle given to him by the witchdoctor for protection. He cut off the bracelet and threw it away before leaving our Centre. He said he wants to worship Jesus from now on, and wants to be baptised. We will continue to assist him through prayer and Bible study.

**A young boy who is disabled, joined House of Wells in August. Prior to joining, he was well known for going around the community, and standing outside shops begging for money and food. He said he had walked by the park we use, in the past weeks, but did not want to come in, yet that afternoon he decided to come in and ask for food. We gave him food and told him about our programmes and mission. We also prayed for him and the following week, he began attending formally. We are witnessing an amazing transformation in his behaviour and we are fully convinced that God will fulfil His good and perfect plan in the life of this boy.

**FROM A COMMUNITY LEADER (Kleinskool Township) - "We praise God for H.O.W being the platform of blessing in our communities. We see positive changes in our children, they are disciplined and taught good manners at H.O.W. The enemy steals, kills and destroys in our communities but H.O.W is enriching the lives of the children with the truth of God's word".



Genevieve's Mother - "I am very grateful for what House of Wells is doing for my family and the community, no one is working at home and we appreciate the food parcels, the soup & bread, and the word of God that you teach my daughter. I accompany her because I also need to hear the Bible lessons, and I pray those scriptures at home with my children. God bless you House of Wells".

Annah & Joyce's Grandmother - "My grandchildren and I thank you, House of Wells, for what you are doing for our community. I bring my grandchildren to H.O.W to listen to your Bible teachings and to learn good behaviour. Thank you for feeding children that do not have food to eat".

Grandmother of Siyanda & Sinakojoni - "I am very grateful for what you are doing for my grandchildren. They get ready very early to go to your Centre and when they get home they are eager to learn the memory verses. I appreciate the food parcels that you are giving to my grandchildren. We pray that the Lord will keep on doing great things through you".

Joshwin and Marquin's Grandmother - "It has been very hard raising my grandchildren alone. We live on social grants, which are not enough, so I am really thankful for the food packs that you give them. It comes in handy. Thank you Jesus. Thank you H.O.W"
From a Foster Parent - A Mother came to the Centre just to tell us about her kids' excitement whenever it is time to go to our Centre. Some of the orphans that she looks after, attend our programme, and she told us that
the lunch we serve children at the Centres is a massive blessing.  She said her own spiritual life has improved, due to the time she spends helping her children with their memory verses and they also teach her what they learnt at our Centre. They are very passionate, she said.

Text messages from parents:

1. Marionette T - Dear H.O.W, the compassion you show to the people you serve is an inspiration for all of us. Life is difficult for the people who find themselves in need of the services you provide. Our community is grateful for your kindness. You are doing amazing things in the lives of children, the smiles on their faces are just something else. Not only do you give them lunch daily, and food parcels, you also teach them good morals. I just want you to know that your work has not gone unnoticed. Thank you for having such a big heart and helping our children. We appreciate you more than words can say.  Keep being an inspiration.

2. Justine P  - My two kids enjoy coming to H.O.W and I see great changes in their behaviour and spiritual lives. I come with them since I am not working at the moment and my own faith is also growing by listening to the scriptures you teach. My husband and I lost our jobs during the lockdown, the food packs and "take-home" lunch you give our children is the main food they eat. We will forever be thankful to H.O.W and pray that you will go from Glory to Glory.

3.Tertia W - My two daughters joined H.O.W during the lockdown and they are very excited and happy to be in H.O.W. I thank God for the lockdown because my kids have never been able to attend your After-School Programmes until now. Their School is far from your Centres so they do not get back in time to attend. They are learning so much and they share every lesson with us at home. Their confidence has improved, and they have respect for others now. Thank you HOW for the kindness and love you give to children. A lot of these kids do not receive love at home.

August FOOD PACKS  - In August, we were able to give 350 food packs to House of Wells children in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. It was indeed a blessing to them and their family at this crucial time.  A number of H.O.W children’s parents/guardians are still unemployed as a result of the pandemic, so the food packs have been a great help. The children, as well as their parents, were so thankful and received the food packs with big smiles on their faces.  In some Centres, more children turned up for the food packs than we expected, we had to ask some children if they were willing to share.  We thank God, and our donors for the provision of these food packs, as each pack feeds a child for a week.


The food packs given to H.O.W children in Lusaze during July/August were distributed on a per family basis instead of per child, due to limited funds. This meant that children who live in same house received only one food pack. We were able to bless 45 families. 

H.O.W, with its holistic approach to ministry has started Girls Empowerment sessions including one-to-one talks with teenage girls about Hygiene, Purity, Social Etiquette and so on. We have received positive feedback from parents regarding these sessions. With many young girls getting pregnant during the "stay-home" period, one Mother had refused to leave her two daughters at home to go and sell her goods, miles away, however she is confident and assured of their safety when they are at House of Wells.



The lockdown restrictions have been slightly relaxed in Zimbabwe and although children are returning to School in stages, social gatherings are still very limited in the country.  Most of our teenagers are now back at school, and our three young adults who are at University will be resuming on 19th October.

5kg bags of Mealie Meal (a local staple food) were again distributed to House of Wells children in Mbizo, Kwekwe, during this quarter. The children came to pick up the food at one of our Centres and maintained social distancing. The children and their families were truly grateful for such love and kindness shown to them, as most parents have not been able to work or trade due to the restrictions in place.

We have had amazing feedback from parents regarding the scripture cards and lesson notes that we introduced in May.  We hand them out at the beginning of each week and do a short quiz on those scriptures the next time we do our Welfare calls to the kids. The children cannot wait to meet in-person again, after seven months of being unable to do our usual weekly meetings.  However, we thank God for making a way for us to stay in touch with all of them during the lockdown, and for the opportunity to deposit the word of God into their lives.



At the end of September, the Kenya government announced that children of all ages can return to School, Church and other outdoor activities, as a result of this, our Classes with the younger children will start again in October.

Throughout this quarter we continued to make our WEEKLY WELFARE CALLS to the children through their parents, and to give them the ACTIVITY BOOKS that we introduced in May.

In August, with the encouragement of the H.O.W Leaders, our Teenagers agreed to fast and pray every Tuesday until 1pm. They meet to pray at 12pm in our Centre and break their fast together at 1pm. The teenagers have done this consistently since then, the purpose is to inspire these young people to develop a "fasted lifestyle", one that goes far beyond just denying themselves of physical nourishment but to position their hearts to encounter God.

This Quarter, we taught the teenagers a series of lessons themed "SALVATION" and we introduced a variety of Movies based on this theme to emphasise the lessons. Each week, after the Movie, a time of exhaustive discussion on the lesson follows, with popcorn and drinks.


                              THANK YOU PARTNERS
 On behalf of our Trustees, Staff and the children at our Enrichment Centres , we would like to express our gratitude to each and every one of you - every Individual, Organisation, Business and Church that partner with House of Wells (monthly or occasionally).  You are a key part of the lives of numerous children that are being transformed by God, through House of Wells, across South Africa, Zimbabwe, Uganda and Kenya.

We appreciate every individual, church or organisation that sends donations for the children's daily meals and monthly groceries, for the purchase of school uniforms, for extra tuition classes for our Teenagers; for staff salaries; and for our flight tickets to and from the Mission stations - THANK YOU!  May heaven bless and record your sacrifices and seeds sown into the lives of these children, in Jesus' name.  

Churches partnering with HOUSE OF WELLS:-  The Liberty Church London (UK);  City Chapel London, The King's Family Centre (TKFC) U.K,  RCCG Living Water Parish (UK),  Trinity Chapel (UK),  RCCG Bethel Parish,  Chapel of Life (UK), Beacon Life Church, Kenya and HARVEST Christian Church, Port Elizabeth - we are grateful for your assistance and support in various ways.

Organisations supporting HOUSE OF WELLS:- Rest Assured Property (UK);  LPS Estates (UK);  ShopFit Group (SA), VITAE London, Ambience Consult LTD (UK), Systemxnet Limited (UK), Vision Excel Ltd (UK) and Panacom Ltd (UK) - thank you so much for your consistent financial support, may God continue to bless your businesses. 

Richard and Kemi  Oyin-Adeniji

House of Wells Enrichment Centres

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