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Quarterly Newsletter Q3 (July – Sept 2017)

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House of Wells (H.O.W), a Non-Profit Organisation registered in South Africa & the UK exists to restore hope and dignity, and release the potential, of children and youth particularly orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children.  
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House of Wells Enrichment Centres
Quarterly Newsletter (July to September 2017)


Dear PARTNERS, we start this quarterly update with some wonderful PRAISE reports! You may not be on the ground with us in Africa but by enabling us to do what we do through your generous donations and prayers means we are in this together.  Every praise report about these children, every life saved, changed and transformed, every child in school and those who have gone on to University through House of Wells is as a result of your partnership with us, THANK YOU and may God continue to bless you abundantly.
(1) A parent in New Brighton who came to pick her daughter at the end of our lessons told us that she appreciates the work that House of Wells is doing with the children in New Brighton and that we should please keep on doing what we do, teaching them the way to live right because it is helping to reduce crime in the area.
(2) One afternoon at our Kleinskool Centre, we called one of the school teachers to pray for her and pronounced God's blessings over her.  She appreciated it and said she was touched, specifically mentioning the power with which the kids prayed for her. It is a blessing to listen to HOW kids pray, their prayer life has improved greatly, to the glory of God. We thank God for what He is doing in the lives of these children. They are real prayer warriors.  It is also a joy and delight to watch them lead their School Assembly and do Bible presentations in front of the whole school. God continues to use them as His vessels as they show the rest of the school what they are learning at House of Wells.
(3) The children at our Walmer Centre were asked to say what God has done for them since they've been at House of Wells - a young boy Siphenathi Raga said his uncle wasn't working for a long time and after H.O.W team prayed at their house last year his uncle got a job and has been in employment since.  Olwethu Buncu testified about her grandmother who was sick and after she received prayers at House of Wells she was healed.
(4) A 12 year old girl, Aliza Miggels, was invited to House of Wells Bloemendal Centre last year by another girl, Fuby Qogi.  She met with Jesus during her visits and has been attending House of Wells since.  Aliza's mum told us that it is through the Bible study at H.O.W that her daughter learnt to pray and it is also through her daughter's prayers for her that she is now born again!  Her entire family now attends a Pentecostal church, God's Kingdom of Glory, in the township and have been baptised at the church.
(5) At our JK Zondi Centre in September, just as we were about to finish, one of the teachers at the School came into the classroom. She had a parent with her who wanted to talk to our Centre Leader Thozama. The parent told Thozama that she is the mother of a 6 year old boy who attends House of Wells.  She said 2 days before, she and the father of the little boy were involved in a car accident where the father lost his life and they didn't know how to tell the boy.  Thozama told the Mum that fortunately that week at all our Centres, we have been talking to the children about the amazing love that God has for us HIS children. She was able to counsel the Mum & prayed with her. Thozama also spoke to her about giving her life to Jesus and led her in prayer to become born again.  Afterwards, the woman told Thozama "This is the kind of help I need, thank you very much. I could have gone to family native doctors near my house, but something kept telling me to come to House of Wells this afternoon".  She left knowing that she came to the right place.
(6) From Colleen, Kleinskool Centre Leader -  I was standing outside my house earlier this afternoon when the lady opposite my house who has three kids attending H.O.W came to me.  She said she must take my hand and I gave her my hand not knowing why.  She thanked me for the wonderful work that H.O.W. is doing in the lives of her kids.  She said, the older child prays every night for her Dad for a job because they were told at H.O.W to pray for their parents.  She told me that God answered her prayer, her Dad was called back to his old job after a very long time.  I told her that it is God we need to thank.  She said yes but I'm thanking you because you are teaching my kids these things.  She said the younger one who is in Grade 1 always reminds the family to pray before they eat and before they go to bed.  Every night the children will tell the family the lessons they did at H.O.W that day, saying "Aunty Colleen said we must share with our parents".

Uniform cargo sent by Friends of Brentwood School
Friends of Brentwood, in collaboration with one of our partners The Kings Family Care Foundation, sent almost 1000 kgs of School uniforms for House of Wells children.  The School uniforms, shoes, bags and a host of other useful school items, which we received in July, have been given to over 1100 children and youth that attend the House of Wells Enrichment Centres in the various townships of Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Also, 120 House of Wells children in Kwekwe, Zimbabwe will be receiving their portion of the uniforms imminently. We are also very grateful to Friends of Brentwood for taking care of the entire Freight cost. The Townships of Walmer, New Brighton, Kwazakhele, Bloemendal and Kleinskool, where the children in our centres live, are poverty ravaged communities with unemployment as high as 60 percent. These clothes were therefore such a blessing to all these children and youth considering the socio-economic situation of their communities. We pray that God will richly bless F.O.B and TKFCare, and pleasantly surprise them in multiple ways. May God grant them according to their heart’s desire and as they have sown bountifully into House of Wells may they reap bountifully and abound with blessings. AMEN.

Even more clothes sent to us from the UK!  
Katie Bailey organised a clothes collection amongst her friends and sent 2 large boxes of clothes to us in Port Elizabeth.  Mrs Biyi Adewumi (Precious Sight Foundation) also sent several boxes of clothes.  All clothing items were given out at the joint teenagers meeting we had in September.  We say a massive THANK YOU to them both!  We pray that God will bless their work and labour of love, in Jesus' name.


Charity Ball Raised £400 for HOUSE OF WELLS
On 15th July 2017, Empower A Woman & Women Empowering Projects organised a Charity Summer Ball.  It was an event held to raise money in support of local initiatives and charities. It was a night of inspiration, motivation, awareness, dinner and dance, and an opportunity for women to come together and make a real difference, and change in the lives of children. This year the Theme was - EMPOWERING THE NEXT GENERATION and they raised money for charities that work with vulnerable children. House of Wells was one of the beneficiaries and received £400 in donations.
Many thanks to Rachel Osinaike and Amanda Bedzrah for organising such a wonderful and amazing night and for all their effort and hard work to make a difference in the lives of the next generations. Our appreciation also goes to everyone who contributed towards the evening and for their donations.
We visited around 110 H.O.W children's families this quarter. The parents were delighted to welcome us into their homes, some of them told us they've been longing to see "these pastors" who have been taking care of their children after school, they were so thankful that we came. Parents/Guardians told us they are happy  that their children are coming to H.O.W, some said that they are grateful for the various things like groceries, uniforms, school shoes etc. that we buy for their children from time to time.  Other parents thanked us for teaching their kids good manners and Biblical life skills.  They testify of the improvements they see in their children's behaviour since they've been attending H.O.W programmes.  At most of the homes we visited, the prayer requests were similar -  for example: prayers for Parents/Guardians who are seeking employment, prayers for provision and for healing.
At Siphenathi Gibisela’s home, her mother has been ill for quite some time and she asked to be prayed for.  She also asked for prayers for her son who is unemployed. We discussed some scriptures with them and prayed. The mother and son accepted Jesus into their lives that day.  A few days later the Mum sent Siphenathi to ask us if we could visit her again.  When our Centre Leaders got there, she told them that after we prayed for her she started to have feelings in her legs, where she had previously lost all feelings.  We thanked God with her and prayed that God will complete the healing work HE has started in her body. We then encouraged her to go back to the clinic so that they can confirm the healing.  She also told us that her son that we prayed for regarding employment was called by his previous employers to come and work for them again.  We give all the Glory to God for answering these prayers.  Halleluyah!
At another home in Bloemendal township, one Mum asked our Centre Leaders to pray for her concerning her problems with alcohol abuse.  Our leaders encouraged her through scriptures, prayed with her and wrote down some scriptures for her to continue to meditate on.  They then led her to The Lord and prayed for her regarding the alcohol issue.
Our staff share their stories...
(1) Colleen (House of Wells Team Leader  Co-ordinator at Kleinskool H.O.W) -  My name is Colleen Lutz one of the H.O.W team members for the last eight years in Kleinskool Township. Kleinskool is located at the heart of the northern areas of Port Elizabeth.  Eight years ago Kleinskool Primary School, the school we use for H.O.W programmes in that township, used to be the headline of local newspapers. The School was known for vandalism, numerous break-ins, as well as unruly behaviour of students.  Then House of Wells started their after school programmes in the area.  We started sowing the word of God in the lives of the children with weekly lessons that focus on a Christ like lifestyle. The amount of kids attending increased daily, Jesus was introduced to the children, we taught them to pray and encouraged them to pray for their school and community.  Year after year we noticed gradual changes, restoration started to take place, faith increased and the prayer life of the children started to strengthen as they witnessed the power of prayer and as their prayers were being answered.  
We soon became part of the school community and we're frequently asked to conduct the school assembly.  We not only feed kids with the word of God but bread and soup after each lesson, for some their only or last meal of the day.  These few slices of bread and bowl of soup are at times taken home by the children, to be shared with other siblings.  Our Teenagers' program where teenagers are equipped and empowered with the word of God, runs every other Saturday. Our end of year event, the Christmas Party, is the highlight of the year and what a wonderful treat it is for House of Wells children.  I can without a doubt say that my confidence and love for the Lord has grown over the last 8 years for He has blessed me by allowing me to be a positive impact in the lives of children at H.O.W.  Young warriors are rising up and revival is starting in Kleinskool Township, because on the 16 June 2017, H.O.W kids were part of the 500 children and youth that marched through the township against crime and gangster culture, and they prayed openly in the streets during the march.  I know that the revival that God promised will take place and these children will be at the forefront.  Amen! 

(2) Thango (Centre coordinator at Kwazakhele and New Brighton H.O.W) -
My name is Thangolomzi Malgas.  I work in H.O.W Kwazakhele Centre and New Brighton Centre.  I started working in H.O.W in February 2014.  From the time I started it has been a great blessing to be part of the H.O.W family.  I have been blessed by the excitement with which the children come to the Centres each week, to hear from God and to learn.  I love this ministry.  I believe that it's my calling.  I bless God for Pastor Richard and Pastor Kemi, who have seen and continue to see what God has deposited in me.  I love the lessons H.O.W present to kids and teenagers, each lesson starts with me as a leader, by me understanding it first, being challenged by it first, before I teach the children and teens.  I have seen a big change in my spiritual life and I love it.  I enjoy seeing God use me for HIS glory in the lives of his precious children.  I pour out myself to them each time I stand in front of them. I appreciate each one of them so much and do not take them for granted.  I sometimes wish to spend the whole day with the children, that's how interesting our lessons can be.  I love H.O.W and I wish to grow with this ministry as it progresses by God's grace.  I give God all the glory for the nine years we celebrated in August.  I love the passion for prayer that is in House of Wells.  I was blessed last year when one of our teenagers from Kwazakhele received Scholarship and moved from a township school to a private school, her name is Nolutho Matodlana.  I am grateful for all the churches & organisations that are supporting H.O.W.  I love it when children get blessed with school uniform, food and clothes etc.  I praise God for all the individual donors too.  I personally look forward to House of Wells' next nine years and more ahead. 

(3) Thozama (Centre co-ordinator at Walmer & Kwazakhele H.O.W) - My name is Thozama Noqoli, I serve as a centre coordinator in Walmer House of Wells.  I have been serving for 8 years in this ministry.  I have experienced many changes in the lives of our children and had the opportunity to be able to work in their homes, communities and with their relatives.  As we work in schools, I also had the privilege of building relationships with the teachers, caretakers and other staff at the School.  Being in full time ministry, God has brought me into situations where I had no choice but to grow in Him daily, in order to be able to be an instrument in the work we do and be more effective to others.  God's word and prayers are our main foundational support at H.O.W.  Serving at H.O.W has given me many opportunities to lead children and their families to The Lord and teach them to be God fearing & strong leaders.  In each House of Wells Centre, we work as a team.  This is essential because the type of work we do requires unity and spiritual oneness.
Occasionally, we find ourselves being parent, mentor, social worker and counsellors to the children that come to H.O.W Centres and we see firsthand, the realities of what they contend with.  Some of them go through daily emotional and mental struggles, as well as physical illnesses & diseases, with no member of their family able to attend to them or even notice.  For example, an 11 year old girl had a sore from a dog bite.  Five days after the bite she attended our Centre and by this time the wound had been infected.  I had to quickly rush her to the clinic, Pastors Richard and Kemi paid for the antibiotics and other medicines that she needed.  While waiting at the clinic, she told me that she was recently gang-raped and again we had to look into counselling as well as getting her to a doctor for treatment.  This was 2 years ago, now she is doing well at School and her confidence is restored. There's a huge level of trust between H.O.W staff and the children at our Centres, such that they always feel free to open up and talk to us about life challenges and whatever it is they are going through. 
Being under the care and leadership of Pastor Richard and Pastor Kemi has taught me so much in every area of my life to be balanced and be strong in God.  They have impacted/invested so much in my life and it is all to the glory of God. 

(4) Thami (Centre co-ordinator at Ben Sinuka H.O.W Centre, New Brighton) 
My Name is Nomathamsanqa Twana.  I work at House of Wells Ben Sinuka Centre and have been with House of Wells for 3 years.  It's been a blessing to teach children the word of God and also certain things that their Parents/Guardians are not teaching them.  Some of the children don't go to church so they are taking what they're being taught here at House of Wells very seriously.  The difference that I've noticed in them is the improvement in their behaviour and manners. They know right from wrong now. They know that when things are not going well in their homes they should pray, they believe in the power of prayer.  Our teenagers are hungry for the word of God, they participate in lessons and are always willing to learn.
Apart from the activities at our Centres, we also make time to visit the children at home every 3 months and talk to their parents, who always have great feedback for us about the positive impact House of Wells is having on their children.  A parent once told us that her daughter didn't want to go to church or have anything to do with church, but ever since she joined H.O.W she has started going to church every Sunday.  She said it was her younger daughter that invited the older one to H.O.W and she is very happy that she joined.  She said she is grateful that all her children are attending H.O.W because she knows they are learning so many positive things, things that will change their lives in a good way. 
Various other schools in the vicinity are now asking us to start H.O.W programmes in their schools too.   
I'm so blessed to be a part of the children's lives, they bring so much joy to my heart, I love them very much, they put a smile on my face.  I smile everyday when I enter the school because they will come running to me and calling my name and hugging me.




Christmas FOOD Packs for House of Wells children    
Dear PARTNERS, WE NEED YOUR HELP  .....with all the fund raising activities we've embarked on so far we've only managed to raise funds for 250 children's Christmas hampers out of the 1700 needed for all House of Wells children in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

This year, the Christmas Party for our Teenagers will be held on the 25th Nov, and for the younger kids it will be on 2nd Dec 2017.   The wholesalers that supplies the food items for the hampers requires us to place the orders and pay by 1st of November, due to the large quantity of items that we need.

We are asking for a donation of £5 or R100 towards each hamper.  Please kindly consider sponsoring as many children as you possibly can.  For some of these children, this will be their FIRST Christmas present ever & for others, the ONLY Christmas gift this year. We would be eternally grateful for your help.  Account details for Christmas donations - U.K. HSBC Bank, account name - House of Wells Ltd, account no - 31817353, sort code - 400906.   In South Africa - Standard Bank (Walmer Park), account name - House of Wells Trust, account no - 201497581, branch code - 024310.  Please use "XMAS + your SURNAME" as reference.  Thank you.

Once again we want to express our gratitude to every Individual, Organisation, Business and Church partnering with House of Wells May heaven bless and record your sacrifices and seeds sown into these children's lives, in Jesus' name.  May the windows of Heaven remain open over you, and may our Abba Father continue to bless you all.
Churches partnering with HOUSE OF WELLS:- City Chapel London, The King's Family Centre (TKFC) U.K, RCCG Living Water Parish (UK), Trinity Chapel (UK), The Liberty Church (UK), RCCG Bethel Parish and HARVEST Christian Church, Port Elizabeth - we are grateful for your assistance and support in various ways.
Organisations supporting HOUSE OF WELLS:- ShopFit Group (SA), Community Chest (SA), LPS Estates (UK), VITAE London, Ambience Consult LTD (UK), Systemxnet Limited (UK), Vision Excel Ltd (UK) and Panacom Ltd (UK) - thank you so much for your consistent financial support, may God continue to bless your businesses. 

Many blessings
Richard and Kemi Oyin-Adeniji

House of Wells Southern Africa

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