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Quarterly Newsletter Q2 (April – June 2018)

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House of Wells (H.O.W), a Non-Profit Organisation registered in South Africa & the UK exists to restore hope and dignity, and release the potential, of children and youth particularly orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children.  
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House of Wells Enrichment Centres
Quarterly Newsletter (April to June 2018)


On behalf of our Trustees, Staff and the children at our Enrichment Centres, we would like to express our gratitude to every Individual, Organisation, Business and Church that partner with House of Wells to enable us to carry out all our activities as a ministry.  We appreciate  every individual/church that send donations for staff salaries; partners who send money specifically for bread and soup; for the purchase of school uniforms; groceries for families; those partners paying for the extra tuition classes for our Teenagers; those paying for our flight tickets to and from the Mission station - THANK  YOU!!.     May heaven bless and record your sacrifices and seeds sown into the lives of these children, in Jesus' powerful name.  

Churches partnering with HOUSE OF WELLS:- City Chapel London, The King's Family Centre (TKFC) U.K,  RCCG Living Water Parish (UK), Trinity Chapel (UK), The Liberty Church (UK), RCCG Bethel Parish (UK) and HARVEST Christian Church, Port Elizabeth - we are grateful for your assistance and support in various ways.

Organisations supporting HOUSE OF WELLS:- ShopFit Group (SA), Community Chest (SA), LPS Estates (UK), VITAE London, Ambience Consult LTD (UK), Systemxnet Limited (UK), Vision Excel Ltd (UK) and Panacom Ltd (UK) - thank you so much for your consistent financial support, may God continue to bless your businesses.

Update from Port Elizabeth
Kleinskool Centre - The new Term started with excited kids who are happy to be back at H.O.W Classes. It is delightful to see how much they enjoy Bible study through group work, drama and memorising scriptures.  The potential in these children is remarkable, with even the quiet ones amazing us all the time.  Schools ask us from time-to-time, to conduct their morning assemblies, and we use these opportunities to introduce the lessons that we regularly teach at House of Wells. School principals and staff show their appreciation each time and thank H.O.W for the unique approach of bringing God's Word to the children in a way that even a grade R child in their School can understand.  The principal of Kleinskool Primary School has said that he will invite us to teach the School staff some of the life changing strategies that we use at H.O.W because they notice that the kids respond to the lessons very well and that more positive changes are noticed in them. We've also seen that every time we conduct an assembly, the kids that have stopped attending House of Wells come back in numbers. We use special days to make special things like Mothers’ day and Fathers’ day cards.  This year, we stapled sweets on to the cards the children made. Several kids came back with positive responses from their Moms/ Dads/Guardians. A boy told us how his father cried and hugged him when he gave him the card, he has been estranged from his father for many years. Hope is being restored!  Hallelujah!  
A grandma came to our KLS Centre two months ago to tell one of our leaders that her grandson passed the grade 12 exams and said they would have loved to invite us to his Matric farewell.  The boy used to be very troublesome at our Centre when he first joined, but through prayer God transformed him, his behaviour got better and even his grades at school improved. What a testimony!  We release the blessing of God over his future in Jesus' name.  In April, H.O.W bought School shoes for some children who were identified as being in dire need - one of them was sent home by the principal because he was wearing trainers as he didn't have school shoes, another child couldn't go to School because his shoes had holes all over it. Thanks again to our partners, because of you these two boys are now back in school.
Some months ago, we got to know that one of the girls attending H.O.W was allegedly being abused by her father. We reported the matter to the school and they investigated it alongside Social Services. The girl was taken to a place of safety. The other day when we asked her friend about her she told us she is in Cape Town staying with her Aunt and she is doing very well. God continues to make H.O.W a safe haven for children, a place where they can feel at home and feel free to talk about difficult and sensitive issues. We encourage them to talk and teach them how to deal with challenges using prayer and the Word of God. We also encourage them to read the Bible so that they are able to apply it to various situations in their daily life. When we read a scripture in class, we also ask them to read the whole chapter when they get home so that they could have a better understanding.

JK Zondi Centre - One of the Schools we use for H.O.W Programmes in Kwazakhele, won the 2nd and 3rd place in the Regional School Choir Competition for both Xhosa and English songs. JK Zondi School has never won anything in these competitions until now. The teachers and Principal attributed this success to the fact that H.O.W has brought the transforming power of God into their School through our programs. 20 out of the 25 choir members are kids who have received singing lessons at H.O.W and have been part of H.O.W for some years. We're receiving very good report from teachers about the behaviour of the children. We received word of a boy whose father is a drug addict. He has often spoken of his fear, sometimes bordering on terror, mixed with hatred and loneliness.  As we've often seen in some children, living in a house with a mother or father that is an addict can be profoundly destructive to children. This boy would sometimes act out his fear and anger in a destructive way at school, hence he was referred to House of Wells by the teachers. After 6 months they noticed his behaviour has improved.  Another teacher in that School told us that she was very grateful to H.O.W as she's experiencing excellent behaviour from her class children. All the teachers believe that this is due to prayer and the sound biblical teaching that these children are getting from House of Wells. In our senior class, the lives of 2 boys have been transformed after months of prayer for them. Alulutho and Linathi are two of the boys who used to come to H.O.W just to distract others and cause trouble. There has now been an end to the unruly behaviour from the two boys both at School and at H.O.W, which they attend regularly. 
The School teachers also told us that break -ins, robberies and vandalism by children in the community have ceased for a long time. Due to this, the School authority has now decided to allow children from the Community to come into the School to attend H.O.W programmes, previously it had only been JK Zondi pupils that attended H.O.W lessons in that School. One teacher at the School came to thank H.O.W saying that they continue to see a great improvement in their kids' behaviour, and said only Jesus and  the word of God could have done it.  House Of Wells has built a solid relationship with the teachers and the School as a whole, including the Caretaker who used to be very hostile towards H.O.W staff.  The God of all mankind is indeed at work in this School and HE is doing an amazing work of restoration. 
Walmer Centre -  During our weekly Scripture competition, a young boy came up to recite Psalms 24 from memory.  It wasn't just that he delivered the whole scripture without looking in his bible, but through his expressions, everyone could see his level of understanding as he spoke. It is always a blessing to see these precious little ones growing in the grace of God.  
House of Wells Youth
Our teenagers have been reading and studying the devotional "GET WISDOM GET UNDERSTANDING" for a number of weeks now.  Below is a summary they sent to their Leaders regarding what they've learnt in the final few chapters of the book:-
GOSSIPING - We have learnt that it is wrong to speak about someone behind their back and discuss private matters that can destroy someone’s reputation. Gossiping can separate friends and family, it is wrong and God is not happy about it.  Prov 16:28b
COMPASSION - We learnt that when a friend is suffering, hurting or going through something we should be kind and considerate towards that person.  We should show the friend kindness and support by praying for them and offering help. Eph 4:32, Matt 9:36
PRIDE  - We shouldn't think and act as if we are better than others,  it is arrogance.  Prov 16:18, 29:23
HUMILITY  -  It is an attitude of not thinking you are better than others. It is not a weakness to put others before you, it is Christ-like to serve others, like when Jesus washed the feet of His disciples, it is respecting others through your words and action, it is being an example of Jesus. James 4 vs 10;  Prov 22: 4
CHOICES  -  The choice we make today will determine what we will accomplish tomorrow. We also learnt that our decision to serve God with all our heart is the most important choice we will ever make, because it will shape our entire future. Rom 12:2, Psalm 71:5
HONOUR - Honour goes with love, we honour God and our parents because it is the will of God to do that, and if we love our parents we should honour them.  Deut 5:16,  Prov 23:22
As teenagers, this book and also the Bible will definitely guide us in the way we should live and help us to know the difference between right and wrong. The declarations will help us to pray/speak positively over our lives.  We were touched by the topics we read in the book: The Fear of God, Gratitude, Jealousy, Guarding your heart, Loyalty and Forgiveness, among others.
Home Visits - Our quarterly visit to the homes of H.O.W children is a way of exercising our pastoral care, and also to hear from parents/guardians  the effect that H.O.W lessons is having on their children.  When we do home visits we meet different families with different issues to which we offer assistance as best we could, and in each house we visit we pray for whatever needs that family has.  Home visits also gives us the opportunity to establish a meaningful relationship with the families of the children who attend H.O.W.  Many parents were really grateful for the groceries, school uniforms and shoes given to their children. Other parents expressed their appreciation for teaching their kids good manners and Biblical life skills.  Below are the highlights of our home visits this quarter:-

1.  At the home of two young girls in Kleinskool, we were informed by the grandma that one of the girls, 10 year old J, had to stop attending school due of sickness.  She is HIV positive and when she takes her medication in the morning it makes her drowsy and sleepy, so the School Principal told her to stay at home until further notice.  Her mother passed away recently.  Her grandma wants her to continue to attend House of Wells even if she can't be at school.  We prayed with the family for healing, as the grand father is also sick. We believe God for miraculous healing in Jesus' name.
2. Contessa and Chivargo Eaterhuizen -  Contessa has been attending H.O.W for 5 years. Her Mother does not attend church because of a range of issues,  but we encouraged her to attend church no matter what. Contessa attends Sunday school at the local church even on the days that her Mother does not make it to Church. 
3. Renata Davids  -  No one works in Renata's  house, the mother is selling alcohol to feed the family. She made a promise that if she could get a job, then she would stop selling. The family is not active at church anymore because of this alcohol business. On that day, she did not even have bread for her family to eat. On our way back from the next home we visited, we bought a few groceries and took it to her. The mother asked for prayer to get a job as it is her desire to be employed so she can provide for her family.
4. Virginique Wesley  -  Her grandmother said each time Virginique gets home she always tells her what she was taught at H.O.W that day.  Her grandmother said she likes to lead the prayers at home and loves going to church with her every Sunday. 
5.  At Luyolo, Linathi & Lilitha's home, their Mother reminded us that when we visited her house last year we prayed for her to get a job.  She said she went for an interview early this year and she got a job at the Municipality/Council.  God is indeed "RESTORING HOPE" one family at a time! It's a privilege to walk with children and their families and assist them to regain their dignity. 
6. JL is 12 years old and her sister L is 9 yrs old.  Their Foster Carer asked us to pray for JL as she often has fits and for L who is HIV positive.
7. Brooklyn and Chelsea's dad passed on about 5 years ago, they currently live with their grandmother who is very poor.  Their makeshift dwelling is unfinished and is unfit to live in.
HOW Tuition Centres
At our Tuition Centre in Walmer, Grade 10-12 teenagers attend extra classes for Maths and Accounting every Wednesday evening from 4-7 pm and for Science every Thursday. We prepare a meal for the teenagers before or after each class and organise transportation to their homes after the classes, with at least one H.O.W Leader accompanying them home in the vehicle.  We have received positive feedback from the teenagers since we started these extra classes in 2017.  Some of these teens had little chance of even making it to the next grade because of previous poor performance in subjects like Maths, English and Science, but now many of them are in grade 12 and performing better in those subjects. To name a few, Nkosikhona, Zizipho and Sinesipho are now doing exceptionally well in Maths, and Nolakhe is excelling in both Maths and Accounting. We are really thankful to House of Wells partners who donate specifically towards these extra classes.
H.O.W receives another award
In May 2018, House Of Wells received an award for Outstanding Children Empowerment Charity of The Year, organised by CEDAR+ UK Community Awards!!  What an honour for House of Wells to be recognised for the work we do with children, for H.O.W's commitment, dedication and the transformational work in the lives of children, to the glory of God! The CEDAR+ UK Community Church Awards was developed as a community initiative to celebrate Churches, Christian Charities and Organisations making a tremendous impact in communities using every possible means to reach out to people.  On behalf of our Trustees, staff and the 1700+ children in all our Enrichment Centres across South Africa, Zimbabwe and Uganda, we say a big THANK YOU to Cedar+ UK for the award.

H.O.W Uganda -  It's been 5 months since the launch of House of Wells Uganda in Lusaze, Kampala. The response from the parents sending their children to the program has been so amazing that having started with 30 young people at the first meeting; we now have about 90 young people that are regular attendees.  However, during the holidays, 100 or more children attend.  The kids in our junior group range from age 4 to 10 years old, while the senior class children are age 11 and above. We are very grateful for Mr. and Mrs. Matovu who joined the team and have already impacted these young people so much.
In Uganda, we are unable to meet with the children during the week as Schools finish quite late, so our programme runs only on Saturdays. We begin with prayer (usually one of the children volunteers to do this), after which we have praise and worship session led by the children themselves, followed by bible study, and after this lunch is served.  The children are always quite excited about the classes so much that some of them arrive 30-40 min before the start time.  They are learning how to open the Bible by themselves and how to search the scriptures, something that they've never done in their various churches. They are learning how to memorise scriptures and how to apply them in day-to-day life. Children are learning who they are in Christ and about their authority as believers.  Today these children do their own praise and worship sessions, and pray for their parents and communities!

One account of a parent stands out - their 8-year old son Brighton was notorious to the extent that he caused commotion during our classes but after a lot of patience with this young man, slowly we noticed amazing changes in his behaviour.  At first we thought probably this young man was trying just to fit in; but to our surprise, we received a report from his Mother that she also had noticed the same positive behaviour at home, and that he has totally changed! He is now very compliant and submissive at home and in our classes; offering to pray when the opportunity arises. 10 year old Owen is another example,  he used to be a very troublesome boy whose behaviour has now  totally improved as a result of him continuously receiving the Word of God and being prayed for at H.O.W Lusaze.  All the Glory to God!!

Many of the children come not knowing Christ and leave the Centre born-again.  Many parents wish we had more days with their children because of the positive changes they are seeing.  We believe that as God continues to bless us we will broaden our scope of reach out to children in other parts of Kampala.  Most of these children come from homes with severe hardship as most parents are unemployed and they're in dire need of basics such as food, clothing and uniforms. 

We bless God for you the precious partners of H.O.W enrichment centres all around the world for your sacrificial giving and for the various support systems in place.  The Bible calls us to raise children in the way they should go, and that when they are old they will not depart from it - Prov. 22:6.  We believe God that the seed of the incorruptible Word of Truth coupled with prayer planted in these grounds (the children's hearts) will bring forth fruit unto eternity by the grace of God.  These children's testimonies including those of their parents are the fruit of your relentless efforts.  May the Almighty God be your rewarder and may these fruits be eternal to the Glory of Jesus.


H.O.W Cape Town Three additional Centres have been set up in Cape Town this quarter, bringing the total House of Wells Centres in Cape Town to six, with five other Schools in the pipeline asking us to bring our programmes to their Schools.  We thank God for the solid relationship that is being built with the principals and staff of all these Schools, as they have been very supportive of the H.O.W programmes.  We found out that kids share what they learn at H.O.W with their parents at home and with other children, and this is resulting in their peers joining the H.O.W programme weekly.  The challenge this creates is that we need more funds, to buy more food for the increasing number of children.  In our Centre in Imbasa Primary School, we're in the process of starting computer classes for the kids.  The school already have brand new computers and House of Wells staff will facilitate the training. We will also be teaching English lessons which, we believe, will help to improve the children's verbal and written work in School, and in their personal lives. The Principal of Imbasa Primary is really pleased to have House of Wells in his school, he believes, amongst other reasons, that the several awards and trophies for sports and other Provincial competitions that the School has won in the last 2 years is "as a result of the prayers that House of Wells has been praying for the School. It is their prayers that are transforming my School”, he said.  Hallelujah!
In Ivy Nyovane Centre, we are about to start Maths lessons for the children attending H.O.W classes.  
In the last few months, 3 staff members have left H.O.W Cape Town due to finding better-paying jobs.  Sinesipho Qeqe is the latest of such, and she will be sorely missed by the children at Imbasa House of Wells.  This will reduce the total staff number in Cape Town to 10.  The issue of high staff turnover has been a consistent concern for House of Wells over the years, as we've been unable to pay the going salary rate based on the funds coming in.

H.O.W Zim  -  We opened our second term in Zimbabwe House of Wells on the 20th of May.  To date we have a total number of 140 children who are regular attendees at our two centres every weekend (Friday night Teenagers and Saturday morning Primary age).  On the 11th of May, we gave out 30 pairs of school shoes and socks to girls at Mbizo High school. We thank House of Wells partners for their donations which enabled us to purchase these shoes, as we were truly touched by the plight of these girls, with some coming to school with worn out shoes and even no socks.
A big thank you to Vitae London who sent money to bless H.O.W teenagers with school uniforms, jumpers, shoes etc.  Our precious teenagers were kept warm at school during this winter months.

Through the support of House of Wells partners we are now able to serve proper meals to our children every meeting.  We serve them Rice and Chicken with salad, plus drinks and crisps. The kids love this part of the programme, we call it "swallowship" time. We conduct lessons for different age groups from our Awana Manual. From time-to-time we invite professionals/business people from different fields/careers so far we have had: teachers, health inspectors, nurses, photographers, to name a few, to give career talks to our teenagers. We have had the privilege of holding an assembly at Mbizo High school to 700 children, and it's likely that this will be a regular occurrence.  

WITH YOUR HELP....WE CAN DO MORE  -  Please join us to help many more children with their academics, pay for Tutoring in the subjects that they need assistance with and feed them.   We also want to provide many more children at H.O.W with monthly groceries.   Please consider setting up a direct debit to assist us monthly.   For those who already donate, and are able to do a little bit more, please would you consider doing this, you will be enabling us to do so much more for these children.   Account details are as follows:   U.K - HSBC Bank, account name - House of Wells Ltd, account no - 61660764, sort code - 400906.  South Africa - Standard Bank (Walmer Park), account name - House of Wells Trust, account no - 201497581, branch code - 024310.  

Richard and Kemi Oyin-Adeniji

House of Wells Southern Africa

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