Quarterly Newsletter Q2 (April – June 2017)

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House of Wells (H.O.W), a Non-Profit Organisation registered in South Africa & the UK exists to restore hope and dignity, and release the potential, of children and youth particularly orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children.  
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House of Wells Enrichment Centres
Quarterly Newsletter (April to June 2017)


Dear PARTNERS, once again we want to express our eternal gratitude to every Individual, Organisation, Business and Church partnering with House of Wells and enabling us to carry out all our activities as a ministry - i.e. individuals/churches that send donations for staff salaries; partners who send money specifically for bread bills; for the purchase of school uniforms; groceries for families; those partners paying for the extra tuition classes for our Teenagers; those paying for our flight tickets to and from the Mission station etc.   We thank you all.   May heaven bless and record your sacrifices and seeds sown into these children's lives, in Jesus' powerful name.  May the windows of Heaven remain open over you, and may our Abba Father continue to bless you all, make HIS face shine upon you and be gracious unto you.

Churches partnering with HOUSE OF WELLS:- City Chapel London, The King's Family Centre (TKFC) U.K, RCCG Living Water Parish (UK), Trinity Chapel (UK), The Liberty Church (UK), RCCG Bethel Parish and HARVEST Christian Church, Port Elizabeth - we are grateful for your assistance and support in various ways.

Organisations supporting HOUSE OF WELLS:- ShopFit Group (SA), Community Chest (SA), LPS Estates (UK), VITAE London, Ambience Consult LTD (UK), Systemxnet Limited (UK), Vision Excel Ltd (UK) and Panacom Ltd (UK) - thank you so much for your consistent financial support, may God continue to bless your businesses. 

                        H.O.W REPORT - April to June 2017
TKFC VISIT - In May, Pastor Anthony Ashaye and 4 members of The King's Family Centre (TKFC) visited H.O.W in Port Elizabeth for a week. They visited 6 of our Enrichment Centres and blessed our children in various ways. Goody bags containing chocolates, biscuits, crisps, drinks etc. were given to each child. They also visited the homes of some of the kids that attend our Centres.  A big thank you from all of us at House of Wells to all TKFC members for their generosity. Only God can repay you and HE will not forget your work and labour of love in Jesus' name. May God reward you all with a hundred-fold harvest for the seeds you sowed into our children's lives.  May God richly and mightily bless you TKFC. 
Below are some of their comments ..... 
"In May 2017 I spent a week in Port Elizabeth, South Africa as part of TKFCare Mission Team supporting the work of the House of Wells Ministry (H.O.W.). The trip was powerful and had a profound impact on me as an individual, a mother and a Christian. We sit down in our pretty houses with our lovely families everyday taking the food on our table and roof over our heads for granted while there are people across the world lacking basic things like a decent roof over their heads or shoes on their feet".  "...instilling values and virtues in disadvantaged children every day, offering hope to children whose lives seem hopeless is very humbling and certainly gives me a renewed purpose for my life"  - Debbie O

"In May 2017 I spent a week with the House of Wells team in Port Elizabeth, South Africa and got to see firsthand all of the great work that they are doing there with children from the Townships. They feed, mentor, support and educate hundreds of children bringing hope and opportunities to many who without them would have nothing to look forward to.   House of Wells ministry epitomises the calling on Christians to practice true religion, showing love and compassion, whilst providing for their physical needs.  By focusing on education and teaching Christian principles, this charity has an impact not just on the children, but also their families and the greater communities.  It is one of the finest I've ever had the privilege to come into contact with.  My time there was life changing and I can only sing the highest of praise for what they do" - Dewbien  P

"After spending just a week with the House of Wells team a new dimension of life has been given to me.  Being privileged enough to help serve these children was an amazing encounter and one that I want to repeatedly experience.  The time spent with the children convinced me that there is constantly more work to do.  House of Wells are consistently laying down the foundations for these children to grow spiritually and mentally into the people they have the potential to be.  The amazing part of it all, is that regardless of our situation or what the circumstances may be, God's love reigns supreme" - Pelumi B

Our youngest son Christopher also visited South Africa in June, after his GCSEs, to serve at House of Wells Centres. 

House of Wells Tuition Centre started in April for our teenagers in grades 10 to 12.  Subjects being taught are Maths, Accounting and Sciences.  Our teenagers have been benefiting from one-to-one academic attention and personalised lesson plans that specifically address their weaker subject areas.  For students struggling with a particular subject it is often difficult for teachers in the schools in the townships to give them the attention and support they need.  The private tutors we've hired are able to identify which areas a student is having trouble with and often by just using an alternative approach, or explaining something in a different way our teenagers are able to readily grasp difficult concepts.  These tutors will assist our teenagers with exam techniques and work with them to fine-tune their skills and knowledge to ensure that they achieve the grades they are aiming for.  All of our private tutors are experts in their field, have their own materials, make our teenagers feel at ease and
know how to get the best out of them.  They are all experienced having taught in schools for many years and hold a degree in their respective area of teaching.
We need your support to help many more children with their academics, please come on board and assist us with their monthly tutoring fees.   In addition, WE ARE COLLECTING LAPTOPS (used or new) for our teenagers to use during their lessons.

CENTRES UPDATE - Notable events mentioned by our Centre Leaders this quarter.....
Wendy (Habelgaarn Centre Leader) - It is such a delight to see House of Wells children growing in their faith and knowledge of God.  It is very encouraging to see that the work that we're doing is bearing fruit.  One afternoon at the Centre, a young girl asked me if she could say something.  She said "I thank God for Pastor Richard and Pastor Kemi and our teachers at House of Wells for teaching us the Bible.  We don't come to House of Wells for bread or food only, for the Bible says "man shall not live by bread alone but by every word of God.  I am being blessed by everything we learn here in the Bible class, and for the school uniform, food and everything we receive from House of Wells".

Thulisa (Walmer Centre) - The Lord created an opportunity for me to counsel one of our Grade 5 boys.  During our Bible lessons one afternoon, we asked the children “how do you feel when someone you love pass away?”  The boy answered “I never felt anything when my mother passed away in 2012”.  I spoke with him after class and asked him about his relationship with his Father.  He replied “he was never there for me and I don't need him”.  The Lord gave me wisdom to speak to him and encourage him.  I told him my story, that my Father passed away when I was young and the Lord mend the void by becoming my Father.  He said he would like God to be his father and mother, we prayed briefly and with tears rolling down his eyes he thanked and hugged me, and said he forgives his Father.

Charmaine (H.O.W Kleinskool Staff) - I had a blessed time at the Habelgaarn Centre last week.  While waiting for the school to close so that we can start House of Wells Classes, I met a Mom outside the school and I introduced myself.  I told her I'm from Kleinskool Centre and I'm only helping out at Habelgaarn that week.  She said her son comes to House of Wells and she was so blessed when he started to pray at home.  She said the doctors didn't have any hope that her Son will survive whilst she was pregnant with him, as there was something wrong with his heart and lungs.  So the Doctors suggested she should abort the baby but she refused because she has asked God to help her.  The pregnancy went okay, it was to term and the boy is in Grade 2 now.  The child that the doctors had no hope for is now doing very well.  I told her that God has a plan and a purpose for Clyde's life and will surely bring it to pass.  Also, I had a terrible headache that day and one of the kids, Josh laid hands on me and prayed saying "I rebuke the spirit of sickness in Jesus Name".  Before I got home the headache was totally gone!

Colleen (Team Leader Kleinskool H.O.W) - During Praise & Worship in May, we noticed some of the children were crying, some started praying in tongues, it was evident that the power of God was in the room.  Afterwards they told us about the experience they had - one of them said, God told her she must repent, another girl (6 years old) said that the Holy Spirit said she must become more obedient.  One said she feels she should be more forgiving because if we don't forgive others God cannot forgive us.  There was also a parent in our meeting who was waiting to pick up his child.  He was also overcame by the presence of the Holy Spirit and gave his life to Jesus.  It was a really moving meeting, praise God!

H.O.W Grade R Class (Walmer Centre) - This month we noticed quite significantly that the children are becoming aware of the presence of God more and more.  One day, the Holy Spirit led me to worship with the song "Lion of Judah", when I opened my eyes I saw that the children have raised their hands up in surrender to the lord without me asking them, even the School teacher who was at the back of the class doing her own thing, began to cry and was on her knees as we sing.  I later prayed for the children, speaking the word of God over them. After our session, the class teacher came to me and said that she felt the anointing of God filling the entire classroom, and that it was a combination of the anointing and the attitude of the children during the worship that made her cry.  She said she is seeing a lot of changes in the children in her class.  House of Wells is gradually reaching our community.

Thozama (Team Leader Kwazakhele Centre) - Sometime this month (June), I was praying for the children, I wasn't aware that one of the School teachers had joined us. I was praying for God's protection over the children, for the mercy of God over them and also praying for the School and our communities. At the end of the prayers, I saw the teacher with her eyes closed, her hands out-stretched receiving the prayers. I spoke to her afterwards and she told me she was so grateful for the prayer and she was humbled.

  • PROVISION FOR SOUP - When House of Wells started in 2008 we used to serve the kids bread/biscuits and drinks every afternoon we meet with them.  As time went on and as we got to understand the needs of the children more, we added soup and increased the number of slices of the bread we serve them.  So, for almost 7 years we have served H.O.W children 6-8 slices of bread (as funds permit), a bowl of nutritious soup and bottle of drink.  For many of the children that attend our Enrichment Centres, the meal that we serve them is their only meal of the day.  Since mid-2016 we have not been able to serve them soup to eat with the bread.  God has now raised 2 wonderful people to buy soup for them!  We thought it was a one-off in April when we received the first donation to buy the soup, but they have since sent further donations for soup in May and June.  The soup is quite filling especially when served with bread.  So serving them bread alone for the past year has been really disheartening and we are eternally grateful for these two people that God has sent to buy the soup.  We pray that the Lord would meet them at every point of their need.
  • EMPLOYMENT FOR PARENT OF H.O.W BOY - During last term's home visit in February, we prayed for the father of one of our H.O.W boys, who asked for prayers to find a job as he has been unemployed for more than a year. The boy told us last month that his father has found a job and will start work in July.  The boy said he knew the job came because H.O.W prayed for his father.
  • GOD ANSWERED THE PRAYER OF A 9 YEAR OLD GIRL -  A young girl in our Kleinskool Centre said they didn't have food at home for a few days and she started praying about it.  She said 2 days later someone was at their door and gave her mother money so she could buy some food.  She told our staff that God definitely answer prayers. 

HOME VISIT - Anelisa Mayekiso's house (Walmer)  -  Anelisa’s mother gave her life to Jesus and before we could discuss about the importance of going to church, she asked us for a church she could attend. She also asked if we can pray for her to find a job.  Before we left Mrs Mayekiso told us she would like to go to our church and we gave her the details.  (Colleen  - H.O.W Team Leader)

A few Photos from various House of Wells Centres....

WITH YOUR HELP....WE CAN DO MORE  -  Please join us to help many more children with their academics, pay for Tutoring in the subjects that they need assistance with and feed them.   We also want to provide many more children at H.O.W with monthly groceries.   Please consider setting up a direct debit to assist us monthly.   For those who already donate, and are able to do a little bit more, please would you consider doing this, you will be enabling us to do so much more for these children.   Account details are as follows:   U.K - HSBC Bank, account name - House of Wells Ltd, account no - 61660764, sort code - 400906.  South Africa - Standard Bank (Walmer Park), account name - House of Wells Trust, account no - 201497581, branch code - 024310.  

Richard and Kemi Oyin-Adeniji

House of Wells Southern Africa

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