Quarterly Newsletter Q1 (January – March 2020)

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House of Wells (H.O.W), a Non-Profit Organisation registered in South Africa & the UK exists to restore hope and dignity, and release the potential, of children and youth particularly orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children.  
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House of Wells Enrichment Centres
Quarterly Newsletter (Jan to Mar 2020)


Dear Partners,
We pray that the Lord will protect you and yours from the deadly Coronavirus that is ravaging the earth at this time. We pray that He will cover you with His feathers and shelter you with His wings; His unbreakable promises will always be your armour and protection. Irrespective of the numbers reported dead through Covid-19, neither you nor any of your loved ones will be affected.In the midst of all that is going on the Lord will be a wall of fire around you and yours, such that no evil will be able to conquer you and no plague will come near you. Your portion will be long life and good health in Jesus' mighty name.
 On behalf of our Trustees, Staff and the children at our Enrichment Centres , we would like to express our gratitude to each and every one of you - every Individual, Organisation, Business and Church that partner with House of Wells (monthly or occasionally).  You are a key part of the lives of numerous children that are being transformed by God, through House of Wells, across South Africa, Zimbabwe, Uganda and Kenya.  

We appreciate every individual, church or organisation that sends donations for the children's daily meals and monthly groceries, for the purchase of school uniforms, for extra tuition classes for our Teenagers; for staff salaries; and for our flight tickets to and from the Mission stations - THANK YOU!  May heaven bless and record your sacrifices and seeds sown into the lives of these children, in Jesus' name.  

Churches partnering with HOUSE OF WELLS:-  The Liberty Church London (UK);  City Chapel London, The King's Family Centre (TKFC) U.K,  RCCG Living Water Parish (UK),  Trinity Chapel (UK),  RCCG Bethel Parish,  Chapel of Life (UK) and HARVEST Christian Church, Port Elizabeth - we are grateful for your assistance and support in various ways. 

Organisations supporting HOUSE OF WELLS:- Rest Assured Property (UK);  LPS Estates (UK);  ShopFit Group (SA), VITAE London, Ambience Consult LTD (UK), Systemxnet Limited (UK), Vision Excel Ltd (UK) and Panacom Ltd (UK) - thank you so much for your consistent financial support, may God continue to bless your businesses. 

**UPDATE ON LANCASTER's  HEALTH - in our Quarter 3 Newsletter last year, we asked you to join us in prayer for Lancaster (12).  He was in and out of hospital, for most part of 2019, for various operations to correct the complications that happened during his circumcision.  He was scheduled for another surgery  in May this year which would cost R75 000, we prayed for a miracle and not only did God send a doctor who volunteered to do it free of charge, he was also able to do the surgery in March 2020!  God arranged it well before the lockdown and sorted the payment!!  Halleluyah!  Lancaster's health is perfect now and all is well with him.

**UPDATE ON J.H's HEALTH - in our Q1 and Q2 Newsletters last year, we shared the story of J.H., the orphaned H.O.W teenager who is HIV positive and was in and out of hospital quite a lot in 2019.  Pastor Richard took J.H. to see a consultant in March 2019 who recommended a team of doctors that specialise in the specific clinical care that she needs.  She was last admitted to hospital in June 2019 for about three months.  House of Wells was able to support her and her grandmother throughout her time in hospital and also since she was discharged in October 2019.  We frequently visited her, prayed for her, and provided her with warm clothing, groceries and toiletries on a regular basis. By a miracle of God, J.H has been in good health, is back in School and has had a fantastic first term.


....from House of Wells SOUTH AFRICA
**A teacher in one of the 2 Schools we use for our Centres in New Brighton told us that for the first time in many years, teachers' belongings are no longer being stolen in classrooms, she and the rest of the teachers, believe that it is because of the impact House of Wells is having in the lives of the children in their School.

**A child had a severe headache in our Walmer Centre and we asked all children to pray for her and she recovered.  The children were ecstatic and their faith gained a real boost.

**12 year old Masonwabe testified about how God healed him during the Christmas holidays. He went to his Grandparents’ farm with his Mum and siblings, and fell ill. As the farm was quite far from the City Centre and it was late at night, his family were unable to get medication for him.  He told his family that he was taught at H.O.W to pray in the name of Jesus and sickness will go. He prayed and went to bed, and when he woke up the next morning the fever was gone!  He said his family members were amazed, especially his Uncle. Masonwabe and his Mum later led his Uncle to Christ. 

**Luhlonele, a 12 year old boy, asked our Centre leader in Cape Town to pray with him for new School shoes, because the ones he was wearing had holes in them and hurt his feet.  Our Centre Leader bought the School shoes for him.  His parents told our Leaders that they are very grateful for the love shown to their son, and that "HOW is a place of care, love and kindness".

**The Mother of 11-year-old Siyazakha went to our Centre (John Pama, Cape Town), to commend House of Wells for the great improvements she has seen in her daughter's behaviour at home, and in her grades at School.  She is also grateful forthe lunch we give her at House of Wells because the only time they eat at home is at night.

FOOD  DISTRIBTION  DURING LOCKDOWN  -  We have been able to bless 260 House of Wells children in PE (South Africa) with FOOD PACKS. These were children who live within walking distance from our Centre Leaders, and could be easily reached without breaking the lockdown rules.

....from House of Wells UGANDA
**13-year old Moses used to be quite stubborn and unruly according to his Mum, but after 7 months of attending House of Wells, his Mum noticed many improvements. She believes that the bible teachings and prayers at H.O.W have transformed her son's life.

**Joshua (12 years old), gave God praise for saving the lives of his Mother, Brother and Grandmother from a ghastly car accident. He thanked all the H.O.W children and staff for praying for his family.

....from House of Wells ZIMBABWE
**Nicole (12), suddenly collapsed at school, and after regaining consciousness she could not recognise her parents. The doctors did several tests and nothing was detected.  Her parents notified House of Wells of her condition, and we visited the family, prayed with them and encouraged them with the Word of God.  Nicole is now completely healed and delivered. Hallelujah!

**Tendai(17) is an orphan. He came first in his High School's cross country marathon and then went on to win Gold at Provincial level.  He has now been selected for National Schools Marathon Team. We are thankful to God that a Telecoms company has offered to sponsor him to participate in the South Africa Two Oceans Marathon, after the Covid-19 pandemic.

....from House of Wells KENYA
**In the 1st quarter of 2020 H.O.W UK was unable to remit any funds to H.O.W Kenya but the local partners on ground graciously stepped in and provided for the needs of the children and their families. We have also been able to increase the meals we give to the children with the help of these partners.

**We have been blessed with two additional rooms to use for our Programmes, our children no longer have to sit under a canopy on the field.  Previously, when it rained or was too windy, our activities and lessons would be significantly affected.

**Our thanks to those who partner with House of Wells in the community, as we were able to pay School fees for 18 children this Term.  We also found out that some children have not been attending School, and have now been able to enrol them in School and pay their fees.

FOOD  DISTRIBTION  DURING LOCKDOWN  -  With the help of our partners, we have been able to bless some H.O.W. children in Kenya (and their families) with money to buy groceries so they can have food during the lockdown.

                                                OUR  CENTRES
Our first quarter got on to a great start when Schools resumed in week commencing 20th January 2020.  The children were happy to see House of Wells back in their schools after seven weeks of school holidays.  It was good to welcome back the regular kids as well as some new ones. Almost all Centres experienced a surge in the number of new children joining House of Wells. Approximately 300 children attended our Kleinskool Centre (South Africa), compared to the usual 150 children in our junior group. 

We now work with a lot more Grade R children, due to many Schools now recognising and appreciating the importance of impacting children at a young age and introducing them to Christ. We praise God for the trust that Principals and Teachers place in House of Wells. 

Parents / guardians are still coming to our Centres to say thank you for the Christmas hampers we gave to their children last December.

We always encourage Principals and Teachers to attend our Classes, so that they can understand firsthand what H.O.W does.  We had one such visit in our Bloemendal Centre, in February from Habelgaarn Deputy Principal, she was keen to join in our activities and helped with serving the children's lunch. This helps to reassure the childrenof the unity between House of Wellsand their School teachers. 
In our New Brighton Centre (South Africa), a little boy told one of our Leaders that he would like to attend H.O.W but that his parents needed to be informed about what we do.  Our Centre Co-ordinator met with his parents and introduced House of Wells to them.  They were happy about our programmes and gave their permission for their son to attend from the following day. 
In Zimbabwe, we have begun a Computer club which assists teenagers who require Computer/Internet access either to develop their skills or to apply for different educational opportunities. It provides students with a safe place to complete their homework or just to play computer games with each other.

In Kenya, at the beginning of March, after the announcement on the Coronavirus, we implemented hygiene and social distancing measures - we literally had the children washing their hands as they arrived and seated two meters apart during lessons. Our last session was on 21st March before the Kenyan government banned all gatherings.

In South Africa, the week commencing 16th March was our last week of Term before the Easter break, but our Centres begun rounding up a week before this by recapitulating everything we have taught the children. We also reassured them of God's protection against the ongoing pandemic using Psalms 91, 121 and 46.  On the 26th of March, the South African Government announced lockdown. We thank God that we had enough time to instil courage and hope in our children, and that amidst all the fear going around they know in whom they believe.  We gave them all the necessary information on hygiene routines and how to keep safe etc. The children prayed for their family's protection, and also for God to have mercy on their nation and on the whole world.

One of our Lessons for this quarter was on The Beatitudes (Matthew 5:1 - 12). As usual, we taught the lessons using drama, memory verses, puzzles etc, because the children are able to grasp the concepts of the lessons,well, in this way.  They also enjoy the question and answer session after each lesson. At the end of our third week, a 12-year-old girl volunteered to summarise what she had learnt so far, and ended up reciting all the Beatitudes from verses 3-12, by heart. A young boy said he learnt that the world's values can never mix with God's values, and asked God to help him to always choose HIS values.  Another boy said he wanted to be meek like Jesus and do what God says is right because this is what it means to be righteous. Listening to kids honouring God like this brings so much joy to our hearts and we are sure that God is also pleased. 

In February, we discussed LOVE. The Holy Spirit pours the love of God in our hearts and makes it possible for us to love even those who are seemingly "hard to love" - for example, people who bully them in School, those who are mean to them, and so on. One of the Teenagers said that according to Matt 5:44  - which says "love your enemies and pray for those who spitefully use you", they should not hate anyone and must learn to love even those who are mean because there is nothing special about just loving the people who do good to them.

                                                H.O.W  Teens
In February, we organised a Valentine's Day party for the teenagers and they had so much fun doing various Valentines-themed activities, games, drama and competitions.  They described in their own words how to show the God-kind of love to one another and to the world. The Art competition was exciting and there was a prize for the best designed Valentine’s Card. They appreciated the special meal, chocolates and the Valentine cards that Pastor Richard and Pastor Kemi gave to each teenager.  At our last Session for the Term, each Teens' Centre did different activities -  some Centres showed movies titled: “God's not dead” and “Overcomer”, while in other Centres the teenagers did Art & Crafts and sewing lessons.   

                               House of Wells  Tuition  Centres
We have been unable to commence the tuition centres this year as we require more financial support to kick-start the programmeThe Tuition Centres started in April 2017for our teenagers in grades 10 to 12.  Subjects being taught are:English, Maths, Accounting and Sciences. Our teenagers have been benefiting from one-to-one academic attention and personalised lesson plans that specifically address their weaker subject areas.  For students struggling with a particular subject, it is often difficult for teachers in the schools in townships to give them the attention and support that they need. The private tutors we have hired are able to identify the areas in which a student is having issues. They have often found that by merely using an alternative approach, or explaining in a different way, our teenagers are able to readily grasp difficult concepts. These tutors assist our teenagers with exam techniques and work with them to fine-tune their skills and knowledge to ensure that they achieve the grades they are aiming for. All of our private tutors are experts in their field, have their own materials, make our teenagers feel at ease and know how to get the best out of them.  They are all experienced, having taught in schools for many years and hold degrees in their respective area of teaching. We need your support to help many more children with their academics, please come on board and assist us with their monthly tutoring fees.   In addition, we are collecting Laptops (used or new) for our teenagers to use during their lessons. Thank you.  

Richard and Kemi  Oyin-Adeniji

House of Wells Enrichment Centres

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