Quarterly Newsletter Q1 (Jan – Mar 2017)

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House of Wells (H.O.W), a Non-Profit Organisation registered in South Africa & the UK exists to restore hope and dignity, and release the potential, of children and youth particularly orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children.  
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House of Wells Enrichment Centres
Quarterly Newsletter (January - March 2017)


Dear PARTNERS,  greetings from House of Wells  (H.O.W) Southern  Africa.   Below are  updates from the first  quarter of  2017.   We remain very grateful to all our partners and donors for your continuous support which enables us to do what we do.   May God bless you abundantly and continue to reward your labour of love.


From Feb 27th to March 23rd, Team Eden, a group of 7 ladies from Adventures in Missions, Georgia, U.S.A came to serve at House of Wells.  Sarah Kate Caudle,  Ali Sinclair,  Katelyn Earhart, Victoria Dokter, Alaina Puchalski, Taylor Becvar and Elisabeth Chauncey are part of "WORLDRACE" a ministry of Adventures in Missions U.S.A.  Check out their website-  https://www.worldrace.org/?tab=about
WorldRace involves touring 11 countries in 11 months to serve various missions and ministries, South Africa was their 6th country.  More than a mission trip, the WorldRace is a ministry, it is a stretching journey to serve “the least of these” (Matt 25:40) while amongst real and raw communities. This unique mission trip is a challenging adventure for young adults to abandon worldly possessions and a traditional lifestyle in exchange for an understanding that it's not about them, it's about the Kingdom.  WorldRace facilitates discipleship through the process of discovering the abundant life that God promised. It births partnerships with ministries all over the world and requires the "Luke 10" kind of faith.
We're extremely stirred and inspired by these amazing ladies who are road-tripping with Jesus, serving the less privileged and being a blessing to Missions and Missionaries wherever they go.  We are grateful that they chose to serve at House of Wells. It was very encouraging to hear how young people of their age offer up their lives for God.  It definitely gave House of Wells teenagers something to think about.
Whenever they are teaching in our various Centres, Team Eden have a way of engaging the kids' and getting their full attention throughout Lesson time.  At our teenagers' classes Team Eden were phenomenal and very relational to all our kids.  They taught our kids Kingdom principles in various ways - through scriptures, songs, guitar lessons with our Teens, games and question & answer sessions.  It was amazing to witness.  The team were an immense blessing to H.O.W children and staff members. They were indeed an inspirational bunch of young aspiring, world changers who have motivated the entire H.O.W family.  We are grateful to God for orchestrating the relationship between Adventures in Missions and House of Wells. We look forward to more collaborations in the near future between the two organisations. 

Below are excerpts from Team Eden's recent blogs about their time at House of Wells:-

Ali - "In House of Wells, they pray like I've never seen before. Wholeheartedly! They have such faith that Jesus will provide for them, and He does. The children have so little, but their faith is so big....they have such rhythm when they sing. They can clap, clap, clap in such intricate ways. We try to keep up but miss every other beat. The kids can dance ....and you can tell it's natural for them. Even the 5 year olds can break it down like Michael Jackson".
Katelyn - "This month we are working with an organization called House of Wells!  It's an after school program whose goal is to set these children on fire for Jesus Christ! They aren't here to just entertain the children but to empower them to step in to the full power God has promised us on this earth! I have been truly inspired by these children!  These children pray in a way that I have never seen!! #powerful #prayerwarriors#11n11 #southafrica #nspirethenations #thetravelingkate" 
Sarah Kate - "The staff at House of Wells that had come alongside Richard and Kemi lived very similar lives. They are fearless, bold and passionate individuals. They loved ferociously. They had laid down their lives to serve our Lord with all of their heart, mind and soul. They radiated beauty inside and out. They taught with such authority. They stopped you in your tracks and made you look up in attention. They made you excited for what the Lord was about to do through them. The Lord's power and authority was so present in each of their lives.  The House of Well kids...WOW.  Never have I ever seen hundreds of kids so obedient and passionate for the Lord. The presence of the Lord was so evident in the kids lives. They were hungry for more and they knew where to find it."
Elisabeth - "Here in South Africa, the ministry we work with holds after-school programs and the children come to hear the word of God. They come to sing and dance for the Lord of Lords with more enthusiasm than I have ever seen in any circumstance in America. They don't come because they get food or because they have to; they come because they want to. They make the conscious decision.  In this place 7 year olds are speaking in tongues and reciting chapters of the Bible from memory ".

RICHARD & DEANNA - At the end of March, our son Richard Jnr and his Girlfriend Deanna, also visited House of Wells, Port Elizabeth for a week.  It was such a great thing to see both of them, at this stage of their relationship, on a mission trip ministering powerfully together.  H.O.W kids were super excited to welcome more guests shortly after Team Eden left.  Richard and Deanna came up with an excellent acronym for the bible story we were teaching that week, which was the story of Zacchaeus. They told the kids that whenever they remember Zacchaeus (a S-H-O-R-T man) and how Jesus saved him, they should note these words - Seek-Honesty-OneRelationship-Transformed.  Richard & Deanna encouraged the children to Seek Jesus always, to be Honest at all times, that only OneRelationshp is needed for us to be Transformed/saved and that is the relationship with Christ Jesus.  This acronym will help the children to easily remember the story of Zacchaeus' salvation.  In all the Centres they visited, they taught the children and prayed for them.  They also met with Siphesande and Sakhile, our teenagers who started University early this year, to encourage and inspire them.
Our staff were asked to say a few words about the impact they think H.O.W is having in the lives of children and on the communities in which we operate.  Below are testimonies from 3 of them:-
Colleen (House of Wells Team Co-ordinator at KLEINSKOOL) - I have worked at H.O.W Kleinskool for 8 years.  Before H.O.W started at Kleinskool Pry Sch 8 years ago, the school was well known for crime and burglaries. It was front page news in Newspapers every week. We taught the kids how to have a relationship with God and also encouraged them to pray for their School because the Bible says whatever they ask in Jesus' Name they will receive. We started to see a growing desire in them to pray constantly.  The situation at the school started to change gradually, the level of crime reduced and the behaviour of the kids came in line with God's Word, as the kids pray increasingly.  H.O.W got more and more involved in the school's activities. We were invited to do assembly every month, led sometimes by Pastors Richard and Kemi.  At some stage the kids wanted to know more about praying in tongues. Pastor Richard taught them about it and they were baptised in the Holy Spirit.  It is such an amazing sound to listen to when the children at Kleinskool are praying in tongues, knowing they are praying the will of God.  Whenever we do home visits, we receive good reports of how the children have brought changes in their families.  We praise God that there is no more crime and break ins at the school and thankful for a reduction of violence in the community as a whole.
Thozama (House of Wells Team Co-ordinator at WALMER) -  I've been working at H.O.W for 8 and half years.  When I was posted to JK Zondi Centre in August 2016, one of the things highlighted in my spirit was to specifically pray for children who were unruly to see them transformed and delivered from strongholds.  A boy called Luyolo was known for being disruptive and beating up other kids.  I was told that teachers & community, even the social workers have given up on this boy.  One day he was beating up a boy and I stepped in and told him to stop, since then he started showing resentment and anger towards me.  On another occasion we blocked him from bullying and chasing a young boy around the school, he tore up his uniform in anger and went home to tell his mother that I had beaten him up.  He stopped coming to H.O.W classes but will sit outside the class with a group of boys (some of whom are gang members) to disturb our lesson.  Everyone at H.O.W kept on interceding for him.  Few weeks later he started attending H.O.W classes again.  He's now a changed boy, a lot kinder and offers to help out with preparing food and drink at meal times.  Thank God for the power of prayer, what the enemy meant for disaster God turned it around for good.
Mbulelo (House of Wells Centre Co-ordinator at JARVIS) -  Sometime in February as we were finishing our Lesson for the day at Jarvis Centre, a grade 7 girl told us what happened earlier that day in her school.  She said she had an intense disagreement with her class teacher who was telling the class “there is no such thing as God or Jesus, it’s all a lie”.  The teacher went further to say, that ancestral worship is the true way not Jesus Christ. This girl said she stood up and told him that at HOUSE OF WELLS we have been taught the Bible clearly that there is God, He is the one who created the Heavens and the Earth. She said she was able to quote where that is in the Bible and explained it to the teacher but the teacher used his authority and silenced her.  She said the other kids who are part of H.O.W joined in and defended the name of our LORD JESUS CHRIST.  Hearing this was very encouraging to me and shows that the work we're doing is bearing fruit and there is hope in the Gospel that we're teaching these children.

                                     HOME VISITS - Q1  2017

As usual, there's a lot of positive feedback from this quarter's home visits.  It was an opportunity for many parents to thank H.O.W for the work we're doing with their children over the years.  Some parents said that the food their children brought home from last December's Christmas Party was a great blessing. One thing that was common in all homes was gratitude, parents could not stop giving thanks for the work that we are doing and were wishing us well.  Out of the 125 homes visited, below are the highlights.....
Phelisa (BS New Brighton) - Her mother said since she's been attending HOW, she has been passionate about going to Church every Sunday, in the end she had to start going with her. The mom has a sick relative, we asked if she'd like us to pray for her, we led the lady to Christ and prayed for healing, we could see she has faith that God can heal her.
Asanda (Walmer) - She attends HOW with her 3 brothers. Their mother came in few minutes after us, so drunk she could barely stand straight.  We then realised she was the woman that had stumbled past us earlier.  We could see the pain the children were burdened with, all over their faces.  We encouraged them and prayed for them.
Morisha (Kleinskool) - She lives with her Grandma who is very negative about church. The Holy Spirit led us to ask her certain questions, it became apparent she's been deeply hurt in the past.  It was definitely God that spoke through us to her, her son and to the other 3 young men there, because they all gave their lives to Christ before we left.
KleinskoolOn our way to the next house two Gentlemen called us, asking what we were selling. We told them we are selling Jesus for free.  After sharing the Gospel with them, they asked if we could pray for them to find jobs.  We prayed and told them to join a nearby Church and start having a relationship with Jesus.  When they walked away we could hear them telling each other how relieved they felt.
Luyolo (Kwazakhele) - Luyolo has not attended HOW classes for a  while.  His mom was happy to see us and asked us to pray for him as he has been causing her great distress and sadness because of the company he keeps. During prayer Luyolo started crying asking Jesus to forgive him, he rededicated his life and his mother also gave her life to Jesus.
Gadeni & her sister (Walmer) - their Mother left them, they live with Grandmother who have recently decided to give them to social services as she is struggling to cope with looking after them.  We implored her not to send the children away.  Pastor Richard prayed for her and spoke to her at length.
Sibakhulu's home (Kwazakhele) - Lives with Mother and 4 siblings (their Father recently passed).  Mother said the kids love going to church and they drag her along too.  She told us she doesn't regret sending her children to H.O.W classes.
Ngcali's  (KWZ JKZ) -  She was so glad we came to visit her.  Her mom was not at home, her 16 year old brother seemed busy in the other room.  Ngcali quietly asked us, sadness written all over her face, to pray for her brother to stop dealing/selling drugs.
Melissa and Angel (Kleinskool) - Angel's grandmother Martha told us that Melissa was her neighbours' daughter, both parents died when Melissa was a baby and she has raised her as her own for 13 years.  She is pleased that they attend H.O.W programmes.
Phelisa & Aphelele (New Brighton) - 4 children in this house attend H.O.W, they joined H.O.W 5 years ago. Their Mother was happy to see us and said she is thankful for the improvements she has seen.  She said the children made her pray before they go to bed.
Sinesipho (JKZ Kwazakhele) - She lives with 5 siblings and both parents who have both been struggling to get jobs. The level of poverty was apparent as we entered the house.  We prayed with them and believed we were able to restore their hope that God is able to turn the situation around.


                                                CENTRE UPDATES

H.O.W  PORT ELIZABETH - over 1090 children & Youth
  • Our lessons this quarter were on "Why become a Christian", "How to become Born Again", "The Great Commandments", "The Importance of Thanksgiving and Praise", "The Good Samaritan" and the story of Zacchaeus.
  • A school in Jeffery's Bay invited H.O.W as they've been experiencing demonic manifestations among the kids. We went there on the 24 February to conduct the School assembly.  We prayed for each child and anointed them.
  • We were invited to Kleinskool Primary School's Valentines event. The Principal thanked us for the role that H.O.W plays in the school, the changes we've brought to the lives of so many kids and for doing the decorations for the event.
  • House of Wells also conducted a School assembly in 3 other Schools every month between January and March.  
  • Our worship dance class in Walmer is going strong and the boys' football session on Tuesdays is also flourishing. 
  • In March, we were informed in the evening that one of our Grade R kids didn't come home after school.  All H.O.W staff joined in prayer that evening. The child was safely brought home later that night. We praise God for answering our prayers.
  • A School teacher in one of the schools we use for our programmes has started to bless some H.O.W kids with toiletries every month.


TEENS - On Valentine's day, H.O.W Teens celebrated the event in a unique, fun-filled yet God-honouring way as usual               

H.O.W  CAPE TOWN - 300 children
  • At our Centre in Imbasa, the principal of Imbasa Pry School believes that we will be able to provide more support to the children if we are based on site.  The School will prepare an office for us and one of our staff will start operating H.O.W office from the School daily. 
  • Two Supermarkets in Cape Town - SPAR and Shoprite, have committed to R500 food vouchers for House of Wells kids on a month to month basis.  
  • Xolani Gaba who started House of Wells Cape Town with us in 2013, is joining us again.  He will be starting and coordinating our new Centre in Phillipi East.

H.O.W  ZIMBABWE - 112 children/Youth
  • We had our Youth Sports Day in February, at a local Sports Club.  H.O.W teenagers really enjoyed the different sporting activities, running, sack race etc, plus music and dance.  
  • We thank God that six of our teenagers in Zim who passed their GCSE exams, passed with distinctions in various subjects. They have since enrolled for Advanced Level at local schools. This is a great achievement and a big motivation for the junior ones and also for those who are rewriting the subjects that they failed.  We pray that they will continue to excel and we will have greater testimonies concerning them.
  • Apart from our regular teaching on prayer and its importance, two other lessons had a great impact in the lives of the children at Zim House of Wells last Term  - "Blind but not discouraged", was one of them.  We taught the children that God has a plan and purpose for everyone, even those who are handicapped, or have other limitations or impediments.  God wants us to be thankful despite our circumstances - 1 Thess 5:18.   "What do you mean forgive?", was the other Lesson, we discussed how to react when someone does something very bad to them.  The children said it has helped them to forgive those who had wronged them.  We also had discussions on what happens when we don’t forgive. Eph 4:31-32.   H.O.W Zimbabwe kids and Teenagers enjoy the weekly memory verse competitions that we do.
  • Not being able to feed the children attending our Centre as regularly as we would like, is a great challenge.  Most of our children come from homes with severe hardship as most parents are out of employment and are in dire need of basic things like food, clothing and uniforms.  Please pray along with us for provision.
Our eternal gratitude goes to every Individual, Organisation, Business and Church partnering with House of Wells. May heaven bless and record your sacrifices and seeds sown into these children's lives, in Jesus' powerful name.  May the windows of Heaven stay open over you, and may our Abba Father continue to bless you all, make HIS face shine upon you and be gracious unto you.

Churches partnering with HOUSE OF WELLS:- City Chapel London, The King's Family Centre (TKFC) U.K, RCCG Living Water Parish (UK), Trinity Chapel (UK), The Liberty Church (UK), RCCG Bethel Parish and HARVEST Christian Church, Port Elizabeth - we are grateful for your assistance and support in various ways.

Organisations supporting HOUSE OF WELLS:- ShopFit Group (SA), Community Chest (SA),  LPS Estates (UK),  VITAE London,  Ambience Consult LTD (UK), Systemxnet Limited (UK), Vision Excel Ltd (UK)  and  Panacom Ltd (UK) thank you so much for your consistent financial support, may God continue to bless your businesses.

WITH YOUR HELP....WE CAN DO MORE  -  Please join us to help many more children with their academics and pay for Tutoring in the subjects that they need assistance with.   We also want to provide many more children at H.O.W with monthly groceries.   Please consider setting up a direct debit to assist us monthly.  For those who already donate, and are able to do a little bit more, please would you consider doing this, you will be enabling us to do so much more for these children.   Account details are as follows:   U.K - HSBC Bank, account name - House of Wells Ltd, account no - 61660764, sort code - 400906.  South Africa - Standard Bank (Walmer Park), account name - House of Wells Trust, account no - 201497581, branch code - 024310.  

Richard and Kemi Oyin-Adeniji

House of Wells Southern Africa

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