House of Wells Half-Year Newsletter (Jan-Jul 2016)

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House of Wells (H.O.W), a Non-Profit Organisation registered in South Africa & the UK exists to restore hope and dignity, and release the potential, of children and youth particularly orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children.  
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House of Wells Enrichment Centres
Half-Year Newsletter (Jan-July 2016)


We want to use this opportunity to thank every HOUSE OF WELLS partners, for your monthly, quarterly and occasional financial donations, many of you have been giving regularly since 2008.  The last 8 years have been possible due to your generosity.  We pray that God will richly bless you and pleasantly surprise you in multiple ways. You are a key part of the lives of numerous children that are being touched and changed by God, through House of Wells, across South Africa & Zimbabwe. May the Lord give you a bountiful harvest of the seed you are sowing and increase the fruits of your righteousness.  

SHOUT OUT to all the Churches & Organisations PARTNERING with HOUSE OF WELLS!!!
Our eternal gratitude goes to every organisation, business or church that is supporting House of Wells and walking with us in this journey of Faith.
Churches partnering with HOUSE OF WELLS:- City Chapel London, The King's Family Centre (TKFC) U.K, RCCG Living Water Parish (UK), Trinity Chapel (UK), The Liberty Church (UK) and HARVEST Christian Church, Port Elizabeth - we are grateful for your assistance and support in various ways.

Organisations supporting HOUSE OF WELLS:- ShopFit Group (SA), LPS Estates (UK), Systemxnet Limited (UK), Vision Excel Ltd (UK) - thank you so much for your consistent financial support of various House of Wells projects.

RCCG  Living Water Parish (U.K)  - We are remarkably grateful to Living Water Parish who have recently come on board and have been supporting H.O.W in various ways, especially their regular monthly donations to feed, clothe and educate the children we look after

Scholarship awarded to a House of Wells' Teenager by TKFCare  - 12th of April 2016 marks a pivotal point towards the fulfilment of House of Wells divine mandate. We are greatly excited, thrilled and so thankful to God for our very first House of Wells Teenager who has been given full scholarship for High School.  7 years, 8 months and a lot of fasting and prayers later....and it finally happened!!!  The scholarship is being sponsored by the TKFCare arm of The King's Family Centre, UK.  Many thanks to the Senior Pastor, the leadership and the entire members of TKFC.  May Heaven record this seed for eternity and reward them all with a mighty harvest, in Jesus' name.  Nolutho  Matodlana started at her new school, Harvest Christian School, in April, a School that is distinctively Christian and educationally excellent. The internationally benchmarked and accepted Independent Examinations Board (IEB) curriculum at Harvest gives graduates a head start in life.  Students are well equipped to gain access to and flourish at top tertiary institutions locally and abroad.  We are very proud of Nolutho! 

Furthermore, we are exceptionally grateful to TKFC for their ongoing partnership with us, which includes monthly contribution towards House of Wells' staff salaries!!  We greatly appreciate this kindness and generosity from TKFC which has helped to stabilise staff retention at our Centres, enabling us to continue the work seamlessly and effectively.


VITAE  LONDON  - More and more children at House of Wells are benefiting from the sales of VITAE watches.  A real, positive impact being made in the lives of these children.  From each watch they sell, Vitae London gives a percentage to buy school uniforms and shoes for House of Wells' children.  Their logo is "YOUR WATCH, THEIR FUTURE".  The School pack that the children receive  includes school jumper, shirts/blouses, trouser/skirt, socks, school bag and school shoes.  A big Thank You to Vitae for bringing so much joy to these children and their families.  William Adoasi,  CEO of Vitae London visited H.O.W South Africa in June this year, and this time he brought 2 friends - Anthony Gibbes (a Professional Photo/Videographer) and Clé Hunnigan (a Freelance Journalist).  Vitae London did a video shoot featuring Lihle Gumenge, one of the children in our Walmer Centre who received uniforms from VITAE.  Lihle and her grandmother's joy and happiness was indescribable, because her previous uniform was torn, her shoes were too tight, and her grandmother has been unable to buy her new ones.  Please support them -


                    CENTRES UPDATE  -  JAN TO JULY 2016

HOUSE OF WELLS Centres - Port Elizabeth  -  We continue to see progress in the lives of the children and an increase in the number of those who regularly attend each Centre.  In Port Elizabeth, we have 7 Centres for Under-13s (with 850 children) & 5 Teenagers' Centres (160 teens). Our Centre activities range from bible-based life skills sessions, drama, dance classes, sports and games sessions.  Occasionally at some Centres, when we have funding, nearer exam time we provide extra tuition in core subjects.  The bible lessons are always age-related and presented in a way that engages the children, very practical and easy to understand.

In some Centres, the School teachers are quite keen to join in our activities, which is amazing as the kids witness unity between our staff and their School  teachers. In May, one of the lessons we had with the younger kids was based on Jer 29 verse 11 and John 3:16, that God loves them and has great plans for them.  During this lesson, one of the School Teachers remembered a song she had learned from her Sunday School days, based on John 3:16, and taught the children. The children joyfully danced to the song, they will never forget John 3:16!!  
Because of the good relationship and rapport we have with the teachers and principals in all the Schools we use for our Centres, from time to time they will ask us to pray for them regarding various issues pertaining to the school.  Few months ago, the Principal of Walmer Pry School asked us to pray that the School will be chosen among those who will be given a library, an initiative of the South Africa National Rugby team, the Springboks.  SA Rugby’s Boks for Books initiative involves supplying fully-stocked mobile or refurbished libraries to previously disadvantaged schools within South Africa.  God answered that prayer!!  In the last week of June,  the Springbok Team was at Walmer School to open the library.  The Principal invited House of Wells team to the opening event, where she thanked us for our prayers and support.  The teachers also expressed their gratitude to our team regarding H.O.W's presence in their school, saying that we are a part of the school's progress.  

In one of our Centres earlier in the year, our staff was told of a boy who is extremely disruptive and quite naughty, his name is Benjamin.   Our staff, through the wisdom of God will occasionally ask the boy to assist her in class, she'd speak to him in love and encourage him.  Today, precious Benjamin is a new creation in Christ, favour follows him and he has become calmer and more interactive.  The enemy comes to steal, kill, destroy....our Lord and Saviour comes to rescue and restore. 

Spiritually, H.O.W kids are growing and this is noticeable in their attitude, character and the way they participate during lessons.  We also thank God that academically things are looking up - in our Habelgaan Centre, 7 of the 13 children who received awards for academic excellence in the School last term attend House of Wells.  In Walmer Sch, a third of the prefects are H.O.W kids.  All glory to God!!

HOUSE OF WELLS Centres - Cape Town
We have 4 Centres in Cape Town.  There are 40 children attending in Nyanga 1 (Mau Mau area) and  80 in Nyanga 2 (K.T.C).  Our third Centre (Imbasa Pry School ) started 2 weeks ago, we were expecting about 60 children on the first day but over 150 showed up!  The number is still growing. The Principal and Teachers at the School were amazed at the growth in such a short time and at how the House of Wells programme has been well received by the children.  We have 40 children at our Centre in Phillipi.  A fifth Enrichment Centre would soon be starting in Gugulethu, Cape Town, we've been approached recently by a lady who heard about house of Wells from one of our staff members.  She informed us that she's been speaking to lots of parents who are interested in the House of Wells programme, she now has a list of about 40 children who are ready to start.
One of the Teenagers attending our Nyanga 1 Centre has started to actively serve in his local church.  It is so amazing to see that as part of his growing relationship with Christ, a life of service is developing, even at House of Wells he's always asking for opportunities to serve and to share the scriptures he'd learnt.
God has been faithful to His work in Zimbabwe.  We have about 70 children and Youth attending our Centres regularly on Fridays and Saturdays, 27 of which are teenagers.  At Friday Night Youth there are Music & Drama lessons and Bible-based life enrichment classes, all our activities focus on career guidance and a way of living that enables these young people to reach a brighter future.  The activities with our younger kids include memory verse competition, bible lessons, role plays (bible stories), help with reading/writing, etc.  The memory verse competition is quite popular with the kids, they can recite a lot of verses with confidence.  Recently, we did a lesson on prayer and how important it is to pray for our parents, teachers and community, we later received testimonies from parents of how some of our kids have been leading prayers at home.  It’s amazing what the Lord is doing in the lives of these young children.  
Plans are in progress for our FUN DAY trip, to take the children to Sebakwe Dam conservancy before the year ends.  God is leading us to open a second Centre in another part of Mbizo, in 2017.
House of Wells Botswana - starting soon!!

In April, we visited Gaborone, Botswana, in preparation to start the HOUSE OF WELLS programmes.  As it is our practice we go into new countries and cities by the leading of the Holy Spirit and as it is God's practice He confirms his word with signs and wonders following.  We felt led to go to Gaborone so we contacted a brother who had previously lived in the country and he put us in touch with a Pastor that he recommends. 


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*|IF:ARCHIVE_PAGE|*Prior to our arrival The Lord spoke to the Pastor that we are His missionaries whom he has sent to Botswana and that she should accommodate us. On meeting the pastor we felt a really special connection.  She later told us what God had told her regarding House of Wells.  The pastor spoke to us about a 5am prayer meeting that people attend from various parts of the city, and that she would like us to lead the prayer meeting for the next 2 days.  God showed up really powerfully at the prayer meetings, with astounding miracles.  It was indeed an authentication session during which the Lord confirmed what HE is about to do in Botswana through House of Wells.  We had an awesome response from those that attended the prayer meetings, those who want to be part of what God had sent us to establish in Botswana.  While visiting various part of Gaborone, we were led to prayer-walk a particular township called Old Naledi and we believe God want us to start the first House of Wells Centre there.  We are praying and trusting for the funds and other resources required to start this work.*|END:IF|* 


2016 Youth Conference  -  GLORY TO GOD for a successful and impactful Youth Conference on the 11th of June.  Our Teenagers were taught some powerful truths....."we are all born with a purpose", "giving birth to your dream may be painful but it's rewarding", "if you do your best God will do the rest", and many more.  A presentation titled  ‪#IAMALIMITEDEDITION  by one of our speakers Ms Virginia Solomon, captivated the minds of the Teenagers.  The message from all the speakers on the day seemed to point in the same direction, hence "I AM A LIMITED EDITION" turned out to be the theme for this year's conference! 

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*|IF:ARCHIVE_PAGE|*150 Teenagers attended the Conference.  In the morning session as usual, we focused on biblical spiritual input and encouraged the Teenagers to go for their dreams and aim to be everything that God has purposed them to be.  Our Guest Speakers in the morning session were, Ms Virginia Solomons (HR Consultant),  Mr Mandilakhe Nontenja (Senior Accountant with the South African Revenue Services (SARS) and William Adoasi (CEO of VITAE LONDON).  One Teenager, Nolubabalo Maqhashalala, was able to answer William's questions correctly and was given a VITAE wrist watch.
The Career Guidance Session in the afternoon was enlightening and very informative.  It looks like we now have many who wants to be Pilots, Accountants, Financial Advisers, etc and others who want to go for careers various medical fields (as explained by one of the top Consultants in Port Elizabeth, Dr Pinky Ngcakani-Ncula).  Also, they are now very clear as to how important it is to brand themselves exactly as God has planned and purposed.  We received feedback from our staff that the Teenagers have not stopped talking about the conference.  A parent told one of our staff that her son stood in front of the mirror saying to himself what he will be in future, declaring what God has said he would be!  Another one sent us a message saying "what a day yesterday, 2016 Conference is the best....after hearing what everyone said, we have no choice but to reach for our goals and desires, and we will testify about the day we had yesterday."*|END:IF|*
House of Wells Youth Classes  -  In February, we had a Valentine's Day party in all our Teenagers' Centres in Port Elizabeth, there were group discussions, poems & drama on what real love is, (healthy, God-Centred love that has its source in Christ).  During the Party, we honoured the teenagers who passed their Matric exams last December, with gifts.  During one of our Lessons in April titled "stay plugged into God", we discussed the benefits of praying in the Spirit.  Some of our Teens at Kleinskool had an encounter with God during the closing prayer and were later baptised in the Holy Spirit.  One of the parents told our Kleinskool Team Leader how excited she was about her daughter's experience.  


We have a 17 year old teenager in one of our Youth Group for whom we have been praying for a while now.  He was born with HIV, both parents died of HIV/Aids when he was quite young, he was in and out of hospital when growing up and had struggled with his identity. 

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*|IF:ARCHIVE_PAGE|*But GOD who has a great plan & future for him has started the work of restoration in his life and working things out for him.  Against all odds, he's now in grade 11 in High School, healthier and very confident of who he is in God.  So grateful to GOD for what HE is doing in this young man's life.

It is a great privilege to see some personal growth in our young people at House of Wells.  They genuinely want to live a life of purpose and purity.  Increasingly, we are seeing that they're opening up and are free to discuss any issues with us due to the level of trust that has been built.  The fact that their parents also interact/liaises with us shows that they too want the best for their teenagers and also shows their approval of our programme.

House of Wells has been invited by Walmer High School to start our Teens' programmes in their School.  They have also asked us to come in once a month to coordinate the School's morning assembly.  What a great opportunity for us to reach many more young people in that community.  The first few sessions have been encouraging and the attitude of staff and students have been welcoming.  One of the teachers attended our conference in June with her 2 teenagers and said they were extremely blessed.*|END:IF|*

TESTIMONY -  Below is an amazing testimony from 2 Teenagers who visited H.O.W South Africa last year.  Tomi and Temi came along with Precious Sight Foundation UK in August 2015 (PSF's initiative, in conjunction with PPN South Africa, resulted in 724 children in our Centres receiving free eye screening and glasses).  Temi and Tomi were such a blessing to our kids.  What an awesome experience, put so beautifully by these young ladies!  We are grateful to them for coming and for sharing their experience with friends, family and church members on their return home.

Fundraising for 2016 Christmas Hampers have started!!

Preparations have started for this year's event.  As you know, every year at the end of the Chrismas party each child receives a CHRISTMAS HAMPER/PARTY PACK full of gifts, food stuff, groceries, toys, stationery, etc; to take home.  We are asking for a donation of £5/R95 towards the hampers.  Please sponsor as many Christmas hampers as you possibly can.  For some of these children, this will be their FIRST Christmas present ever & for others, the ONLY Christmas gift this year.  Account details for Christmas donations - HSBC Bank, account name - House of Wells Ltd, account no - 31817353, sort code - 400906.  In South Africa - Standard Bank (Walmer Park), account name - House of Wells Trust, account no - 201497581, branch code - 024310.  Please use "XMAS + your SURNAME" as reference.  Thank you. 


Request for Regular Monthly Donations
Over the past couple of years, the number of children attending our programmes in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and in Zimbabwe have gone up massively while the funds coming in has dwindled drastically. 

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*|IF:ARCHIVE_PAGE|*This has led to immense difficulty in feeding the children & buying the monthly groceries we give to some of them to take home.  We can only help as many children as funds allow, and this is severely decreasing.  Over 1300 children attend the House of Wells Enrichment Centre programmes in Port Elizabeth, Cape Town and Zimbabwe.  We have a long list of children in dire needs but at the moment we are unable to help them all with the essential things they need, due to limited funds. For example, in most Centres, we've not been able to afford payments for the extra tuition to help the children with their school work, and this has been quite upsetting for us.
Please consider setting up a direct debit to assist us monthly.  For those who already support us monthly and are able to do a little bit more, please would you consider doing this, you would be enabling us to do so much more for these precious children.   Account details for direct debits or occasional donations - HSBC Bank, account name - House of Wells Ltd, account no - 61660764, sort code - 400906.   In South Africa - Standard Bank (Walmer Park), account name - House of Wells Trust, account no - 201497581, branch code - 024310.*|END:IF|*  

Thank you!!

Richard and Kemi Oyin-Adeniji
House of Wells Southern Africa 

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